As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States and the largest cultural hub in the upper Midwest, Chicago is a city filled with high-end restaurants and night life offering upscale dining and entertainment.

Like any major city, Chicago is home to many different cultures, interests and ideas that have mixed and matched in interesting ways. This is evident in the local restaurant scene, which has produced a number of notable establishments that have become Chicago landmarks and the roaming grounds of the city’s longtime residents.

With that in mind, some Chicago restaurants are unlike any other. Each has made strides in creating a unique experience and now ranks among the hottest destinations in the city.

famous restaurant in chicago

The Violet Hour

With so much demand for seating at The Violet Hour, the restaurant does not accept reservations. Only the most determined patrons gain access to this hotspot, which is decked out in brilliant furniture in a modern style. Guests can enjoy drinks at a long, brightly lit bar or sit in tall-backed chairs around a circular table.

As an establishment priding itself on being a classy locale for Chicago’s elite, The Violet Hour has a number of rules to maintain its unique atmosphere. For example, cell phone use is banned in the restaurant, a dress code is strictly enforced and only classy cocktails are served.

Pressure Billiards & Cafe

For restaurant-goers who like to stay busy while they eat and socialize, Pressure Billiards & Cafe is an ideal destination. A blend of a pool hall and a cafe, patrons have a range of options available to them, be it cheese fries or lattes, or both at the same time while enjoying a competitive game of pool.

Pressure Billiards & Cafe has established itself as a prime entertainment venue in the community, hosting music, comedy and art shows while also featuring flat-screen TVs and wireless Internet access. By combining the pool hall and cafe, Pressure is a popular destination at day or night.

Bull & Bear

This restaurant is a great place to enjoy a local sports game in a pro-Chicago environment, but it attracts all types of people, not just sports fans. At night, Bull & Bear switches from family-friendly restaurant to party bar, where patrons can enjoy draft beer from taps that are installed on many of the individual tables.

famous restaurant in chicago

Tango Sur

For those who prefer a night filled with dancing, there’s no better option than Tango Sur. An Argentinian steakhouse in the heart of Chicago, it also hosts music and dancing well into the night. And the prime rib is unparalleled anywhere short of Argentina itself.

These options only scratch the surface of the inventive, exciting restaurants found throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Regardless of your specific interests, the odds are good that there’s a restaurant that suits you just a short walk or drive away. And at its best, Chicago’s unique, upscale eateries may provide you with a special surprise in the form of a celebrity sighting.

Author bio: Kristine is a Blackhawks fan who formally lived in Chicago and makes frequent trips back to visit her family. She has an orange cat named Walter and a serious addiction to anything dark chocolate. Kristine also enjoys blogging on the behalf of Sears.

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