The tiny principality of Monaco sits at the very heart of the French Riviera and pretty much no place on earth has the same concentration of wealth and sophistication that is squeezed into this stunning location.

The elite of Europe are drawn to Monaco either as a tax exile or simply to have quality fun time whenever they come to visit. The peak times for visiting are of course the Monaco Grand Prix at the end of May and as a base for the nearby Cannes Film Festival.

The seemingly endless line of luxury yachts in the main harbour are a testament to the wealth of some of the inhabitants and visitors but also provide a stunning setting and atmosphere for a party girl to have fun.

Where to stay

If the budget will stretch then the Fairmont Monte Carlo is probably one of the finest hotels on the island but if you even have to mention the word budget then perhaps you may be looking elsewhere to stay. There are plenty of other stunning hotels to consider such as Le Meridien Beach Plaza, Port Palace and the Hotel Metropole. Just remember that if you are planning to visit for the Grand Prix, a few extra noughts might need to be added to the price.

monaco monte carlo port hercules le port hercule

Where to eat

Monaco is greatly favoured by gastronomic excellence and offers a host of starred restaurants such as the Joel Robuchon, Le Louis XV and Le Vistamar to name a few of the Michelin starred venues. Brasserie Cuisine is a great way to get a feel of the local culture and there are some great choices such as Avenue 31, Bilig Cafe and Brasserie Cafe De Paris offering good food at what could be considered reasonable prices for the area.

What to Do

Monaco is almost without question the international capital of luxury and when you visit the exclusive shopping area known as Carré d’Or you will find the expected array of fine boutiques and well known designer brands offering haute couture , and jewellery in particular, but don’t forget to also wander through the lanes of the old town and also take in the Metropole, Lumieres and Fontvielle shopping areas. There is of course the Casino to keep you occupied during the evening and even if you don’t like to lose money at the tables it is a good place to people watch!

monaco monte carlo casino by night casino de monte carlo

Some other fun things to do during your stay would be to take a look around the Palais Du Prince which is of course the Royal Palace which has 15 rooms open to the public. During the summer months of July and August there is a Ferrari City Tour which takes you on a 20 minute tour of the City as a passenger in a flame red Ferrari (What else?) or there is the option of driving the car yourself with an instructor as the passenger!

On a more cultural note, you should consider a visit to the Musée Océanographique which is set in a stunning location at the cliff edge and has something for everyone.

If that is all too much activity for you, why not just hang around the harbour and enjoy the almost continuous party atmosphere in Monaco, the perfect playground not just for the rich and famous, but having those attributes would certainly help during your stay!

Author’s bio: This guest post is written by Sam Harvey on behalf of Jackpot Party.

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