When I think luxury, I think champagne wishes and caviar dreams (Hello, eighties! Robin Leach, anyone?). That’s really not the case anymore though, is it? I feel like luxury – living a luxurious lifestyle – is so much more attainable these days. Sure, nice things still come at a price, but the perfect quality/value ratio is well within reach.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I’ve put together a list of some of my mom’s favorite, affordable luxury brands. Here’s hoping your mom also loves great fashion, food and entertainment, so select away, and you’re guaranteed to find a true treasure for your mom this Mother’s Day!

Michael Kors

Take your pick! This American designer does it all – clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, perfume and a home line, to boot. The Michael Kors look is described as a “luxurious reboot of classic sportswear,” and is readily available at retailing giants Macy’s, Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom. With a huge celebrity fan base, Michael Kors is a true powerhouse fashion brand. Stylish and chic, just like mom!


Modern, relevant and elegant design is what Papyrus does best, offering an ever-expanding array of products, including greeting cards, gift wrap, stationery, note cards and journals. With retail locations nationwide, and a selection of Papyrus products available in Target stores, these unique cards are just as nice to give, as they are to receive. Forget texting, my mom loves to write letters, and I love to receive them. They’re something I’ll cherish always.

mother receiving kisses from her husband and son on mothers day


A full line of colorless and fancy yellow lab-grown diamonds, all of which possess the same identical chemical, optical and physical characteristics as the highest-quality mined diamonds? Yes, please. By recreating the natural process, Gemesis is able to offer consumers individually created diamonds of top quality and value (attractive when compared to mined diamonds with the same characteristics). Grown in a safe, controlled environment using only modest amounts of energy, these diamonds are fully disclosed as lab-created, alleviating any concerns related to “conflict” or “blood” diamonds. The only difficult decision here is – What will mom like best? Gemesis offers beautifully designed rings, simple studs, elaborate earrings and a wide range of pendant styles. Choices, choices!

Melitta Coffee

Melitta dedicates itself to providing the ultimate coffee experience with its premium coffees, coffee filters and coffee makers, bringing European indulgence to life. In fact, the history of coffee would not be complete – or equipped with coffee as good – without the contributions of Melitta Bentz. She’s the innovative mom who invented the first-ever two-part filter system for coffee, and more than a century later, her pour-over method is still the hottest trend in coffee. Melitta has a variety of pour-over products for quick, fresh tasting coffee any time of day in just three easy steps: put filter and coffee over mug, pour hot water and let great tasting coffee drip into the mug. So, looking for the perfect gift for mom this year? How about the gift of time! The only question left is, “Hazelnut or vanilla?”

gift ideas for mom on mothers day

Kindle Fire

Dad’s not the only one who loves his gadgets! My mom’s pretty savvy, but who knew the Kindle Fire would so quickly become her new constant companion? Small, lightweight and let’s face it, cute (her words), the Kindle Fire is perfect for use at home or for travel. Endless streaming movies and TV shows, e-books, games and music are literally, right at her fingertips – great features at nearly half the price of similar tablets (cough…Apple…cough). And, not that she needs it, but mom’s cool quotient is definitely upped with this in her hands – no doubt!

Author’s Bio: Shannon B. is a writer for www.Gemesis.com. She writes about trends in fashion and eco-friendly lifestyles from one of the greatest cities in the world, NYC.

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