You’ve just started your weekend workout routine in a gym when your phone lights up with a brunch invitation from your bestie. No time to go home and change after your workout, you’ve got to hit the road right away and get yourself some tasty mimosas and french toast. You don’t want to lug around extra outfits just in case you need to go out, but when you’re always carrying these five essentials, you can get yourself from the gym to brunch in style!

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How to Go From Gym to Brunch in 5 Easy Steps

Sports Bra

A cute sports bra is great for selfies at the gym, but it’s also the perfect base layer for your brunch outfit. Whether you prefer a bright, bold color or crazy, dizzying patterns, you’ll get to show off your style during and after your workout!

While your over the shoulder boulder holder should be super trendy, you can’t forget that your sports bra’s primary purpose should be to support you while you’re treadmilling, lifting, or crossfitting. Balance function and form with Magnolia’s bras to get the most out of your workout and your instagram #OOTD.

Zip Up Hoodie

Whether it’s winter or summer an appropriate zip up hoodie thrown over your sports bra completes your athleisure look. For summer, you’ll want something a little lighter with a ¾ sleeve cut, while winter deserves a heavier, knit hoodie. Don’t forget to match your zip up to your bra for the ultimate style choice. Go for a complementary look with bright blues and yellows, or choose an analogous look with burgundy and purples.

Baseball Hat

Sometimes gym facilities don’t include showers and hair dryers, so if you’re worried about sweaty, matted workout hair — worry no more! A simple baseball cap and a ponytail hides any damp strands and adds a little sportiness to your attire. While old school baseball caps are fun when they’re from your favorite team, you can get spunky with your choices when you shop for graphic hats or distressed denim caps.

Glitter Sneakers

While Adidas and Nike may be great for your workout, they’re not always the perfect choice for a cute brunch outfit. Every workout girl knows she needs to have some extra pairs of shoes in her gym bag, so make one of those extras a pair of glitter sneakers. You can take off your work shoes and trade them for something a little more exciting from Pink Lily right before heading out!

Gym Tote

Many people lug a massive zippered gym bag around when they’re going to workout, but if you’re trying to be fashionable and ready for anything, there are tons of alternatives. An extra large canvas tote or a patterned backpack offer you the perfect opportunity to add a bit of color to your outfit and carry everything you need with you at all times.

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Carry it All

With just these five things you probably already carry every time you go work out, you will always be ready when brunch calls. Do you have any other brunch essentials that are easy to bring with you? Comment with your favorite brunch accessories today!

Author’s Bio: Carolyn Clark is a freelance writer and fashion enthusiast based in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to her full time job as a buyer for small boutiques, she also writes fashion advice blogs that have been published across a number of digital platforms. In her free time, she takes her dog running along the Malibu coastline.

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