On trend at the moment, the capsule wardrobe is actually an idea coined by London boutique owner Susie Faux in the 70s. Referring to a minimal collection of 30-40 high quality items per season, the idea of a capsule wardrobe is about maximising versatility, creativity and style, while minimising clutter.

All of this sounds great on the face of it, but how do you get started, particularly if you’re a shopaholic or the owner of a vast collection of clothes? This guide will help you master the ultimate capsule wardrobe!

ultimate capsule wardrobe and clothes on the rack

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Choose the best, lose the rest

To start your capsule wardrobe, you need a stock take. Grab every piece of clothing you own (including shoes, jackets and coats) from your closet and lay it all out. The task here is to whittle down your wardrobe into a small selection of versatile items you can wear everyday.

By the way, your capsule garments doesn’t include workout clothes, accessories, pajamas or underwear, so don’t worry about including these in your small selection of items!

Start with the items you haven’t worn in the last 6 months, and put these to one side. Next, you need to pick out clothes that are versatile and practical. The point of a capsule wardrobe is to mix and match, so pick neutral or complimentary colours so you can rotate items in and out to make new outfits.

Once you have around 30-40 items left, congrats – you’ve got a capsule wardrobe! Anything that hasn’t made the cut needs to go into storage until next season.

What you need to include in capsule wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is about versatility, but also practicality, so you need to account for various scenarios. Check out The Everygirl’s spring capsule wardrobe below, which is built around a small colour palette:

ultimate capsule wardrobe components

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Something as simple as swapping your shoes, or pairing different cardigans, vests or sweatshirts with a dress or skirt can vastly change your outfit. Make sure you’ve given yourself enough versatility so you’re not reliant on the same outfit combinations, and include enough practical items for the season!

Get creative

The best part about a capsule wardrobe is that it forces you to get more creative in the way you dress. If you like to get ready quickly in the morning, then a capsule wardrobe means fewer decisions to make, and less sleepy ensembles that don’t really work.

Even if you’re style is always on point, having a smaller closet gives you a chance to really think about layering, pairing and the importance of accessorising to make each outfit different.

And remember, minimal doesn’t have to mean simple. Throw in a few, interchangeable statement pieces to really make your outfits pop and you can inject your own unique style into every outfit. For a little inspiration check out Arthur Arbesser’s exclusive capsule collection of bright hues and geometric patterns.

ultimate capsule wardrobe

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Quality over quantity when you shop

Once you’ve started your capsule wardrobe you need to continue this approach when you shop. Buying new clothes is all about prioritising quality of quantity. Try to shop seasonally at good retailers, and only add quality, versatile items to your wardrobe.

Remember these key tips and you’ll master the ultimate capsule wardrobe in no time!

Author’s Bio: Conor is a designer and writer whose shoe collection could rival Mariah Carey’s. His love of fashion is matched only by his addiction to coffee and pancakes.