Marva Collins once said: “Success doesn’t come to you… you go to it.” And I think Kim Halzle, Co-Founder of amazing online website, is the perfect example of how this works. At the early age of 18, Kim packed her bags and left her hometown Maple Grove in Minnesota to start her new successful life in Los Angeles, and never looked back.

I was tempted to ask Kim a few questions about her business, her goals, success as well as some girlie stuff and I am really glad that Kim found time to answer to them all! Now you have the chance to meet this beautiful girl and entrepreneur, and maybe her story will inspire you to take action steps towards your own success.

R.G.: Hi, Kim! Thank you for finding time to answer to few of my questions! I have read in one of your interviews that you have packed your bags and moved from Maple Grove, Minnesota to LA when you were 18. What inspired you to take such a brave step? Why LA?

Kim: This is an easy question to answer…it doesn’t snow in LA!
But seriously, at the end of High School I was preparing to decide on one of the 2 colleges I had been accepted to. One thing that kept me from taking the plunge and choosing the college route was that I didn’t have aspirations of settling with one specific career. I’ve always know that I’m going to have at least 10 professions in my life and I didn’t want to shut any doors that would prevent that by going to school for 4 years to become a teacher. So I chose the school of life and ended up in Los Angeles.

R.G.: When you moved to LA, were there times when you thought of leaving everything and going back home? What were you saying to yourself during such moments?

Kim: I hadn’t thought of leaving LA until recently, but I wanted to build something for myself that I could take with me. I feel like people flock to LA because there are so many opportunities to be had here, which is true. I’ve definitely experienced and learned a lot here and am grateful for every opportunity. That has been a motivating factor behind Runway Rundown. If done right, I can do this from anywhere.

Kim Halzle entrepreneur owner

Kim Halzle

R.G.: How does the idea of creating Runway Rundown came up? Who and what inspired you to have your own website?

Kim: I realized that my 9-5 job wasn’t enough for me. I had been fortunate enough to work for very successful people and realized that I wanted to be that successful person employing others. I decided I was going to put myself first and do what made me happy so long as I always felt challenged and was continuing to push myself. My boyfriend Jamie Evans was a major factor in the creation of Runway Rundown. Aside from him building the website from scratch, he helped creatively plan out short and long term goals for our brand.

R.G.: They say that you can always look rich if you have expensive shoes and accessories. On your site you help girls find the cheaper, but similar version to the runway looks. Do you think that cheap clothes, but if chosen correctly and worn with expensive accessories will help you look like $1 million?

Kim: I think you will look like a million dollars if you feel like a million dollars. Its all in your confidence. But yes if you have the funds, incorporating luxury items into your outfit can give you that look and feeling of dressing like a million bucks. That’s what I love about Runway Rundown, if you think you need that pair of Christian Louboutins to complete your outfit, I help you find an affordable alternative with a pair of Steve Madden heels that look identical. So now you really can dress to impress without any splurges.

R.G.: How do you picture yourself and your site Runway Rundown in 3 years time?

Kim: I would love to see continual growth in the sites viewership. It is rewarding for me to hear that viewers like what we are doing and that it is presented so well. In 3 years I would love to see Runway Rundown partnered with an online editorial and we would provide seasonal trend reports and shopping tips. I would also like to continue to grow our sites content and add Men’s fashion and even luxury Home decor.

R.G.: If you had all the money in the world what 3 shoe designer brands would be dominating your closet? Why?

Kim: Christian Louboutin-You can’t deny the red sole, Azzedine Alaia – The box that these shoes come in is perfection! The 3rd would be a tie between Pierre Hardy and Miu Miu – I love the embellished princess shoes that both brands offer.

R.G.: Who are your most favorite fashion designers?

Kim: Lanvin, Bottega Veneta, Marchesa, Isabel Marant

R.G.: Have you ever thought of becoming a fashion designer yourself?

Kim: I used to work for a fashion designer and saw how exhausting it was to put a collection out season after season. There is so much that goes into building a successful brand and the designer carried most of that on their shoulders. As rewarding as it would be to wear my own designs I don’t think I’m cut out to be a designer.

R.G.: Is there any celebrities whose style you like and frequently feature on your site?

Kim: We haven’t featured celebrity style on our site yet, but this is another way I would like to see our content expand in the near future. I’ve always loved how Emmy Rossum dresses, her image is sophisticated and timeless. And I’m a sucker for any fabulous red carpet dress, no matter what celebrity is wearing it.

R.G.: How would you define success and can you call yourself a success? If not, what do you need to achieve to feel that way?

Kim: Success is a feeling of satisfaction from accomplishing goals you’ve made for yourself. I wouldn’t call myself a success, because there is always something new I can learn and a higher goal that can be attained.

R.G.: What advice do you have for those who want to start their own business?

Kim: Do it! If you are able to find something that makes you happy and incorporate it into your work life than go for it. Don’t wait for it to happen, go out and make it happen for yourself. And remember, Everything’s about something.

R.G.: And the last question: give us your definition of Rich Girl.

Kim: Rich Girl is the success inside you that you didn’t know was there.

R.G.: Thank you so much, Kim, for this interesting and inspiring interview! I wish your website Runway Rundown to grow and expand!

I really enjoyed this interview with Kim Halzle, what about you, girls?! If you have any other questions to Kim just post them in the comments below and I am sure she will be able to answer them or visit her site for more information.

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