I have met Dinara a while ago while we were working on the same project together. I loved her creative approach to things since then, she always had a talent to stand out from the crowd and everything she does is just so cool! The latest thing I loved about Dinara is the photo shoot she did for me during my summer visit to Jurmala, Latvia. I just loved the result of our work and think that everyone should know about this great person and professional photographer! And, yes! Dinara is a real Rich Girl, she has everything a girl could only dream of – the perfect Man, her own design company, amazing career as a professional photographer, she has numerous interests and hobbies and the latest addition to this long list is her precious baby daughter Daria. I want to congratulate Dinara on all her achievements and to find out more about her plans for the future. Below is the transcript of the chat we had over skype the other day! You will find out a lot of inspiring and interesting things about this talented girl!

dinara nikiforova professional photographer and designer

R.G.: Hi, Dinara! I just don’t know where to start :) From all your numerous interests and projects what is the most important to you: your design company or your work as a photographer? What brings you pleasure and financial reward, of course?

Dinara: Photography brings me more pleasure and design company more financial reward. Design is what I have been doing since 1998 and I only started to work as a photographer about 6 years ago.

R.G.: Do you remember the moment when you said to yourself – I want to be a professional photographer?!

Dinara: I haven’t just decided that I want to become a professional photographer, my passion for photography started when I realized that I want to have a professional digital photo camera. In order to know how to use it and gain all benefits from it, I signed up for photography classes and my passion started there. I found out what kind of equipment I need and what exactly I want from a photography during these classes and seminars. After I learned what kind of magical things I can do with my camera, I realized that this is exactly what I want to do in my life and started to offer my services for money. But I am not a regular photographer who takes all orders that come my way, I only pick those projects I like and am interested in. This way I can guarantee the excellent results, because I will always work with passion.

dinara nikiforova professional photography and design

R.G.: What is the best and most exciting thing about being a photographer?

Dinara: The most exciting thing for me about being photographer is the actual process of getting ready for the photo shoot. In order to make a great photograph you first need to create a story or a tale around it. This is almost like what directors are doing in the movie sets. You create the story; find appropriate location, models, and outfits. And the next great thing is to see the end result and get positive feedback about your work. I love when people like my work and express their gratitude and admiration.

R.G.: Do you have your favorite photograph which you are the most proud of? Can you share it with us?

Dinara: I work in genre photography. This is not a portrait, this is not a landscape, this is the display of an action which stirs emotions. One of my favorite photographs are lady in the Sea with umbrella and a photograph with Rome.

R.G.: What do you like to capture the most: people or nature? Why?

Dinara: I love to work with people under the rain. Actually, I love working in rainy weather. I have noticed that the best pictures I have ever made were with rain. And no, I don’t like to make pictures of nature.

dinara nikiforova professional photography and design

R.G.: If you had an opportunity to make a photo of any celebrity in the world, who would you like to work with?

Dinara: George Clooney, oh!! I love him, what a man! He is very charismatic and while working with him I would probably use his macho man image. I think we could have made some really great photographs together.

R.G.: Tell us about your design company. How did you start it?

Dinara: We opened our company together with my colleagues from previous work. We wanted to be independent and stop working for someone.

After a while we realized that owning a company in reality is quite a challenging thing to do, because it is hard to organize productive and successful work flow, especially when all your colleagues are friends and co-founders. Also, at the moment I am sitting at home with a small child and can’t be actively involved in a work process.

R.G.: Is it hard to run a business when you are a girl?

Dinara: All my co-founders are men and of course the fact that I am a girl influences their attitude. Sometimes I feel like they don’t take me seriously. That’s why, girls, select your business partners carefully!

R.G.: I know that your baby daughter is more than 1 years old now! How your life has changed since then and how it will affect your future plans?

Dinara: My life has changed completely with the birth of the baby. And even though the child brings a lot of joy and the feeling that your life has gained new purpose, the first few months with the baby seems like your personal life has ended. In reality this is not true, in time you will learn how to manage to do all the things that you did before your child was born together with her.

The birth of my daughter didn’t change my future plans, because she is the part of the plan. I think that my child won’t be an obstacle in my creativity and professional growth. I plan to continue working and enjoying my career as a photographer and I also have some other exciting ideas, but it is a little bit early to reveal them now.

dinara nikiforova professional photography and design

R.G.: How would you define success and can you call yourself a success? If not, what do you need to achieve to feel that way?

Dinara: There is a difference between feeling yourself successful and actually being one. I have never felt successful, there was always something I didn’t like about myself or my life. I always felt like something is missing or is not satisfying. I often feel like I am not good enough.

But in reality… Girls, learn how to dream properly and make your wishes come true! A few years ago one of my friends taught me how to do it. You need to make a list of everything you want to achieve and gain in your life, starting with simple things like new stockings and ending up with the most wildest and biggest dreams, dreams so exciting, that you are not even ready to share them with others!

I recently found a paper with the list of my dreams. And at the moment I have EVERYTHING from that list, except Mini Cooper car (instead I have Mercedes Benz, so I guess there was some kind of misunderstanding up there or someone just don’t know anything about car brands). So, according to this list I am quite a successful girl!

R.G.: What advice do you have for those who just like you want to start their own business or dream about becoming a photographer?

Dinara: Don’t be afraid to dream big and always study. Knowledge – is the power, studying – is the light! :)

R.G.: Do you love shopping?

Dinara: I love shopping, I don’t know any respectable girl who doesn’t! Shopping is the best antidepressant and personal psychiatrist, all in one. And even if you don’t need psychological help of any kind, shopping is a great way to spend your free time.

R.G.: What are your favorite brands?

Dinara: I am not a big fan of the brands, but I do love to wear something stylish and unusual. I like to look different and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

dinara nikiforova professional photography and design

R.G.: And the last question: give us your definition of Rich Girl.

Dinara: Rich Girl – is a girl with a rich inner world and a man, who will buy her the rest.

R.G.: I love it! :) Thank you, Dinara, for such an interesting interview! It was a pleasure talking to you and I hope our readers enjoyed it too.

Dinara: Thank you and good luck!

I really enjoyed my conversation with Dinara, I hope you did too :) If you are interested in finding out more about Dinara and her work check out her portfolio and photo album.

So, girls, what do you think about the interview? If you have more questions to ask Dinara, feel free to post them in the comments below and she will be happy to answer them too. Also, if you want to be interviewed or you know someone whose interview should appear on Rich Girls Club, please contact me.


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