Christmas holidays are over, but the shopping fever is still upon us – January sales! Here in Spain shops are buzzing with people during the very first days of sales and this feeling of bargain hunting is very contagious. Never before I was looking forward to rush into the stores and score some deals. Of course, I am not buying everything I see, although it is very tempting. I have always a plan and look only for specific things.

First of all, to save time and energy, I only check designers that I like: Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Burberry, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Ferragamo. And then I select only things that I need or might need in the nearest future, hehe :) Usually these are classical and qualitative things, that are not dependent on the trends, like white shirts, nude stilettos, clutches, scarves and activewear. And in case I haven’t found anything I liked, the sales shopping continues online. Honestly, it is much more convenient to buy everything online now, but there is still something special in going to actual shops for me.

So, in case you are curious, here are the items I will most likely buy on january sales:

things to buy during january clearance sales

1. White Shirts

Although I am not working in the office at the moment and there is no need for me to look smart and professional, white shirts are always very high on my shopping list. I love to wear them with jeans for more casual look and with skirts and cardigans, when I want to be a classy lady.

Cotton-blend Shirt Jaggy Blouse

Cotton-blend Shirt
by Burberry London €325 €195
Jaggy Blouse
by The Row €1098 €549

2. Pensil Skirts

Pensil skirts is the other weakness of mine. This is the only type of skirt which always enhances my body type. But a good pencil skirt is very hard to find. That’s why if you have found the one which suits you best, buy a couple. This is why I love to buy skirts on sale. They always look good and never will be out of fashion.

Wool-crepe Skirt Lace Pencil Skirt

Wool-crepe Skirt
by Victoria Beckham €850 €595

Lace Pencil Skirt
by Burberry London €750 €455


3. Nude and Black Stilettos

There is never too much shoes, right girls? Enough said :) And black and nude stilettos are also very classic choice. You will never go wrong with those.

Patent Leather Pumps Dusk Patent-leather Pumps

Patent Leather Pumps
by Miu Miu €390 €275

Dusk Patent-leather Pumps
by Jimmy Choo €675 €475

4. Jeans

With jeans is the same situation as with skirts. If you have found the model which fits you perfectly, why experiment? Better buy a couple of the same jeans maybe in different colours and save time, hustle and money.

Billy Urban Cowboy Jeans Bootleg Jeans

Billy Urban Cowboy Jeans
by True Religion €239 €169

Bootleg Jeans
by Stella McCartney €335 €235

5. Dresses

I love dresses and I can always buy them no matter what sales or no sales. I just can’t get enough of dresses. Especially when you lead a pretty busy social life like I am lately, you need to constantly stock on new pieces.

Varick Dress Silk-jersey Dress

Varick Dress
by Altuzarra €1720 €865

Silk-jersey Dress
by Issa €625 €439

6. Wallets/Clutches

If I see an interesting wallet or clutch during sales, I always buy one. Just saying.

Intrecciato Leather Pouch Zebra-print Haircalf Clutch

Intrecciato Leather Pouch
by Bottega Veneta €450 €315

Zebra-print Haircalf Clutch
by Lanvin €795 €479

7. Scarves

In my closet half of the space is occupied by various scarves and wraps. Again, if I will see a good scarf on sale, I would most probably buy one.

Printed Scarf Metallic Crochet Knit Scarf

Printed Scarf
by Balmain €519 €315

Metallic Crochet Knit Scarf
by Missoni €400 €285

8. Something for Home

Usually, january sales is the time I remember that I need to buy new sheets or table wear. It is very convenient, as you can buy silk sheets with 50% discount. More money to spend on other pleasant stuff, right?

9 Piece Knife Block Set Silk Bedding Set (King)

9. Activewear

I am not very active person, so I rarely update my sports gear. But as january sales coincide with New Years resolutions, this makes it the best time to buy some sneakers if only for motivational purposes. :)

Avalanche Jacket, Prime Quilted Active Ideology Colorblock Active Capri Leggings

10. Underwear

Underwear is one of the categories which is never enough. So, I always check what kind of bras and undies are on sale.

Stella McCartney Stella Lace Contour Balconette Bra Calvin Klein Underwear Calvin Klein Black Longline Underwire Bra
Stella Lace Contour Balconette Bra by Stella McCartney 30% Off Calvin Klein Black Longline Underwire Bra Calvin Klein Underwear 30% Off

Uff, this is my list of items I usually buy during sales. After writing it all down, I can’t wait to go shopping now! Let’s see what kind of bargains I will find.

Almost forgot, this is also a great time to buy a great present for Valentine’s Day. You won’t believe it, but this holiday is approaching very fast.

What about you, girls? Do you buy anything during sales? What is it usually? Please share your opinion in the comments below.


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