I am so excited! I only started to live here and Spain wins the FIFA World Cup 2010 for the first time, how cool is that?! You can’t possibly imagine what kind of celebration it was here in Spain! People were out on the streets with flags, happy and cheerful, congratulating each other; there were fireworks and music everywhere! It was just like New Years but only 100 times better!

I was watching the game with my friends in Marbella and then left to celebrate here in Puerto Banus. Well, I must say that Puerto Banus were celebrating the way it should be :) There were Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and SLR driving around with flags on their roofs. It was kind of parade of cars and happy people going down Avenida de la Rivera. Have a look at the pictures!

Puerto Banus Marbella celebrates Spain champion World Cup 2010McLaren SLR Puerto Banus celebrating Spain win FIFA 2010 World Cup

It was a lot of fun and I was so happy to celebrate with Spanish people their long waited victory.

Viva Espania!!!


Rich Girl

Rich Girl celebrates Spain football team victory World Cup 2010

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