Hello, everyone!

Sorry for not posting or updating RichClubGirl.com lately. I had a very good excuse for that. I was moving to Spain! Yes, Spain! Can you believe it?! It was completely out of the blue and I am still in a bit of the shock, but what happens in our life is always happening for the best, right?!

I will be living in Spain for a while now, so expect a lot of Hot videos from the best, luxurious and sunny Spanish resort city Marbella! I am here now and exploring everything about the culture, food, wine, restaurants, night life, clubs, boutiques, yachts and many more. Actually, it is really glamorous out here in Puerto Banus, lots of brand boutiques, huge yachts and fancy restaurants! I am loving it so far.

Wait till you see some videos and pictures.

So, I am here and working even harder than before!! Don’t miss the updates!

Love you soooo much!

P.S. Here is me on the top of Gibraltar :) such a nice view!


Rich Girl