Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Guys | Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Girls

Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2019. I have already mentioned before, that Valentine’s Day is one of my most favorite holidays. I love everything about it: chocolates, flowers, cards, hearts, romantic diners and getaways. It is a very beautiful day of love and unity. And even if you don’t have that special someone at the moment, you should still spend this day pampering and spoiling yourself, because the first and most important person in your life is YOU! And you deserve the best!

For those of you, who have already found that special someone, I have a question: what gifts you usually buy, if you buy anything at all? Please share your Valentine’s Day gift ideas with us! Girls, what kind of gifts you buy for your husbands or boyfriends? How do you surprise your Mr. Right on Valentines Day? I personally always find it difficult to buy a perfect and suitable Valentine’s Day gift for a guy, that’s why I have decided to collect some ideas on the internet. Please let me know what do you think, ok?

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

1 – Expensive bottle of wine

Well, maybe this Valentines Day gift idea is not very original, but it sure is practical. I think that every guy will be able to appreciate good expensive wine. And if he doesn’t understand much about wines but loves to drink it, then as an additional gift idea you could organise for two of you a visit to a winery or attend together a sommelier course. This would be both romantic and practical as you both will learn something new and useful.

Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Wine Steward Luxury Caddy Valentine's gift for men

Buy It Here: Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

2 – Cufflinks

Cufflinks is also a great present for guys, who wear suites to work or need to attend formal events on a regular basis. If you are not sure that your boyfriend even has a shirt with cufflinks, you can buy him a shirt as well. It is time you introduce him to classic attire.

Paul Smith Ice Cream cuffs Valentine's day gift for him

Buy It Here: Paul Smith Ice Cream Cones Cufflinks

And if your boyfriend is not gonna wear cufflinks at all, then a cool bracelet with Valentine’s Day heart and luck symbol will be just perfect!

WAXED STRAP & METAL CHAIN BRACELET for men by Dolce & Gabbana

Buy It Here: Waxed Strap & Metal Chain Bracelet by Dolce & Gabbana

3 – Silk-satin Bathrobe

Bathrobe is both useful and romantic gift idea. Your man will be definitely wearing it, even if he doesn’t have a bathrobe at the moment he will get used to the comfort it provides. And who wouldn’t want to rock that Hugh Hefner’s look on a relaxed Sunday morning?! So, isn’t it just a great gift idea?

Silk-satin Woburn striped bathrobe for men

Buy It Here: Woburn striped silk-satin bathrobe

4 – Liberator Heart Wedge Positioning Pillow

I fell in love with positioning pillow idea as a Valentine’s Day gift. It is both romantic and could add something new to your intimate life. Perfect gift for couples, but men will appreciate it more, don’t you agree?

Heart shaped positioning pillow as a Valentines day gift

Buy It Here: Liberator Heart Wedge Positioning Pillow

5 – Cheesecake Heart

Who said that cakes are only for girls? Guys love sweet things and desserts as much as we do. Also, by giving him cake in a shape of a heart you shoot two birds with one stone: you will have a romantic dessert to share between you and you have a present. Genius! :) And better yet, if you bake this cake yourself. This way you will also show him how much you care and what a wonderful homemaker you could become one day.

Heart-shaped Cheesecake

6 – Champagne and Gourmet Chocolate Truffles

This present is, of course, unisex, but if you don’t have a better Valentine’s Day gift idea for your man, then this will be also amazing. How great it would be to share a bottle of Cristal to toast your engagement, in case he chooses to propose on Valentines Day?! You never know, need to be always ready and with great manicure, girls! :)

Valentines day champagne and gourmet chocolate truffles as a gift for him

Buy It Here: Champagne and Gourmet Chocolate Truffles

7 – Star Wars Waffle Maker

If your man is a fan of Star Wars and waffles, here is a great thing which can combine both of his passions – Star Wars Waffle Maker. I think this is amazing Valentine’s Day gift idea for a guy who likes to impress you in the morning. And who wouldn’t want to have a breakfast in bed the next morning after Valentine’s Day, right?!

Star Wars waffle maker for geeks and fans

Buy It Here: Star Wars Waffle Maker

8 – Cologne For Men

I think that perfume is not only a great gift for women, but also for guys. If you know your man’s favourite cologne or there is a scent which you want to feel on him more often, then go ahead and buy a perfume set for Valentine’s Day. Your man will only thank you for that as all of us tend to run out of favourite perfume very fast. I absolutely love how Cartier styled their set for men this Valentine’s Day! What do you think?

Cologne for men Cartier special Valentine's day edition

Buy It Here: Cartier Declaration Coffret

9 – Personalised Polished Ebony Wood Poker Set

Every guy dreams to have a cool poker set at home and if your boyfriend doesn’t have one, then Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to make such gift. I think that exclusive poker set is a perfect gift idea for any man and for any occasion. But you need to find out first whether he has it already or not.

Polished Ebony wood poker set as Valentines day gift for a man

Buy It Here: Luxury Poker Set

10 – SPA Treatment

Somehow girls think that going to a SPA for a massage and relaxation is our thing, but men actually enjoy it a lot as well. Surprise your boyfriend by giving him a gift of sensual massage this Valentine’s Day! You can try and do it yourself or buy a gift certificate to your favourite SPA. You can even have a romantic couple’s massage.

11 – “I Love You” Balloons

And if you feel funny about giving flowers to a man, then balloons is a cool substitute. Remember, that we all are just little kids deep in our hearts and kids always love balloons.

The Perfect Dozen Balloons & Roses

So, these were the best gift ideas for men on Valentines Day I could find and think of. If you have any other cool ideas, please share it with us! Let’s make our guys happy this Valentines Day! :)

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Girls

And while I am still on the subject of Valentines Day gifts, why not to share some of the ideas with our guys, in case they are reading this post. Let’s help them a little as well :)

Well, guys, the below listed gift ideas are split up into categories and you should choose one item from each category to make sure that your girl has an amazing Valentines Day! ;) And, don’t forget that this goes as an addition to the romantic getaway or dinner, but you already knew that, right?

1 – Strawberries with Chocolate Sauce

This can go as a starter, which you both can enjoy and may lead to an unforgettable night.

Chocolate covered love strawberries for Valentines Day

Buy It Here: Chocolate Love Strawberries

2 – Cute Teddy Bear Bag

Teddy bear on it’s own is usually a very sweet Valentine’s Day gift, but when your girl is old enough to drink champagne, a more practical gift would be appropriate. That’s why this cute polar bear cross body bag stole my heart! It is adorable, unique and practical – the ultimate romantic present. Your woman will appreciate it.

Kate Spade New York Polar Bear Cross Body Bag

Buy It Here:Polar Bear Cross Body Bag

3 – Flowers

Flowers is the definitive Valentine’s Day gift! I prefer red roses and the more the better, but you should choose according to your girlfriends’ taste, of course. But, please, don’t forget flowers! This is super important.

Classic Red Roses Bouquet

Buy It Here: Classic Red Roses Bouquet

pink charm bouquet for valentines day

Buy It Here: Pink Charm Bouquet

4 – Chocolate

Heart shaped chocolate is also a must! Yes, maybe it is cliche, but don’t you dare to forget about chocolate! Trust me, you don’t want to risk on Valentine’s Day.

a voluptuous heart made of half a pound of pure love and chocolate

Buy It Here: Luxury Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Gourmet chocolate gift basket

Buy It Here: The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket

5 – Lingerie

Well, you don’t need me to explain why it could be a great present. If both of you are old enough, of course.

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur Vanesa Corset Camisole Valentine Day gift idea

Buy It Here: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur Grace Short Robe Valentine Day Gift idea for her

Buy It Here: Silk Robe

Stella McCartney Isabel Floating Underwire Bra red

Buy It Here: Stella McCartney Underwire Bra

6 – Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Jewelry is always a good idea. It doesn’t necessary need to be heart-shaped, but as it is Valentine’s Day, I wanted to pick symbolic pieces. Do you like it?


Buy It Here: Montblanc Bracelet With Silver Heart

valentines gifts for her DOLCE & GABBANA sacred heart ring

Buy It Here: Dolce & Gabbana Sacred Heart Ring


Buy It Here: Vivien Westwood Heart Orbit Earrings

7 – Other Valentines Gifts For Her With Heart Symbolic

I just couldn’t stop with chocolates and jewellery :) Here is more heart-shaped gift ideas.

les petit joueurs black glossy clutch with red heart detail

Buy It Here: les petit joueurs Clutch


Buy It Here: Love Moschino Heart Chain Crossbody Bag


Buy It Here: Rabbit Heart Keychain

Iphoria Arrow Heart iPhone 6 / 6s Case with mirror

Buy It Here: Iphoria Heart iPhone Case

7 – Diamonds

Diamonds in all shapes and forms are more than appropriate on Valentine’s Day! And if you are thinking of proposing to the girl you love, maybe this romantic holiday could be the last one that you spend as boyfriend and girlfriend? Now is a perfect time! And here are great inspirational video ideas of guys who already did it.

So, here are my two lists with Valentine’s Day present ideas for girls and guys. What do you think? Is there anything that you like? Maybe you have some other cool gift ideas, rich girls and boys? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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