White party is the most common theme for the summer events. Here in Marbella various night and beach clubs have white parties at one point or another. I think that the main reason why white parties are so popular, is because almost everyone can find something of this color in their summer closet. White clothes are the number one choice when it comes to surviving the heat and looking marvelous at the same time. Guys love to wear white linen pants and t-shirts and girls look cute and feminine in white summer dresses.

I absolutely love white parties and try to participate as often as I can. The latest white party I went to was last week, organized by the group of expatriates in a cozy beach club called “South Beach”. But the biggest white party event that I have attended here in Marbella, was the re-opening of the Dreamers club last year. I haven’t seen so many people dressed in white in one place at the same time, it was amazing! Here I am during one of the white parties :)

summer white party

But what I love the most during white parties, is to see how girls choose to dress. I am always amazed by their imagination and sense of style. So, I decided to create a few sets which I will be able to use as an inspiration for my next white party outfit idea.

1 – White Lace Dress

This first look might seem pretty easy, because the center of the outfit is the dress, but “the devil is the detail” :) or in this case in the accessories. I absolutely love these Chloe wedges! Also I think that any white hair accessory will add a certain flirtatious touch to the outfit, don’t you think?

summer white party look ideas with long skirt

White Lace Dress
White Wedge Sandals
White Bag

2 – White Tunic With Jeans

This look is more relaxed, but perfectly appropriate for any smart casual event. I think this outfit would be a perfect choice to wear to the beach club, party on a yacht or boat, garden party and even to wear to a night club.

what to wear to a white party smart casual dress code

White Jeans
White Tunic


3 – White Maxi Skirt

And this last look is my attempt to create something elegant, simple and feminine. This outfit could be worn for occasions where you don’t have intention to seduce every man in the party, but rather to appear as a mysterious and gorgeous lady.

summer white party elegant outfit look ideas long skirt

White Maxi Skirt
White Top
White Shoes

So, rich girls, here are my white party looks. What do you think? Do you like to go to white parties? What do you usually wear?

Rich Girl

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