Well, I don’t know exactly what Priscilla’s surname sounds like now after she married Mark Zuckerberg. Whether she took his name or stayed with her own doesn’t really matter – she is a billionaire’s wife now! How cool is that?! My sincerest congratulations to the happy couple!

Actually I have a funny story to share with you. Mark Zuckerberg’s name was all over the news the whole week with the IPO and other stuff. So, I guess because of that or just ’cause he is a billionaire (and I’ve got a thing for billionaires. Just kidding. Not really :) ). Anyway, yesterday when we were arguing with my husband about something over dinner, I said: “Well, if you gonna act like that, I just divorce you and marry Mark Zuckerberg!” We had a laugh and ordered some steaks. So, guess what my husband told me first thing in the morning today?! “Honey, you are late! Mark Zuckerberg just got married!” This is my little story about Mark and how he must have sensed my evil intentions. :)

Funny thing I found on twitter: “Mark Zuckerberg has changed his status to ‘Married’. Priscilla Chan has changed hers to ‘Jackpot’. She also ‘likes’ “top divorce lawyers”.

mark and priscilla zuckerberg married in palo alto mansion

Enough with the jokes, I am actually really glad that Mark married his girlfriend of 9 years, the one who was with him when facebook was just a dream. How many similar stories do you know? The one which pops in my head is the story of Prince William and Kate Middleton, but he was a prince from birth and Mark just recently became a famous billionaire. So, if you really know any good stories about couples who dated a long time and married only after they became rich and famous, please let me know! I would love to hear all about it.

Anyway, Dr. Priscilla Chan is not a stereotypical billionaire’s wife. She is a smart young girl with a diploma from Harvard and UCSF and passion for pediatrics. She is definitely a person who I admire, although I don’t know her personally. I really wish that she and Mark live happily ever after! We need these kind of fairy tales, where the main character is not a shallow barbie, but smart, educated and passionate girl. Time will show, but I have a feeling that Priscilla Chan will be a role model for young girls.


Rich Girl

P.S. By the way do you know who designed Priscilla’s wedding dress? Looks nice.

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