Today I woke up in a sunny and beautiful principality of Monaco. After quite a stressful situation I experienced at the airport yesterday, today is actually a wonderful and relaxed day. Last year I was staying in a hotel in Nice and I needed to travel everyday to the show, this year I am staying in Monaco so I have more time to enjoy Monaco and see how it looks during early morning. I am so happy to be here! I love Monaco, it is such a special place. I feel like at home here, maybe that’s why it is my 4th visit during this year alone to this amazing place. I can come to Monaco all the time, actually I could live here! :)

So, today I was enjoying my early morning walk around Monaco and I have made some pictures I would love to share with you.

Here is the Port Hercule in the morning:

monaco yacht show 2011 port hercule hercules

I had my early morning coffee at a beautiful cafe “Virage”, where Superyacht Group sponsored drinks and pastries for everyone to celebrate the start of the Monaco Yacht Show 2011.

monaco yacht show 2011 virage cafe restaurant

A lot of people came to this morning coffee gathering. I have met a lot of people from the Antibes Yacht Show which I attended this year. It was nice to see familiar faces, I guess in a few years time I will be able to know each and everyone, which is so cool.

monaco yacht show 2011

Oops, here I am. Sleepy and without make-up as always during morning hours. I am not a morning person as you can see :)

rich girl monaco yacht show 2011

monaco yacht show

So, Monaco Yacht Show 2011 started today and I am really looking forward to enjoy the following 4 days of luxury as well as meeting new exciting people.

monaco yacht show 2011 blue entrance

monaco yacht show

And during the whole of the show I will be based at the Stars’n’Bars bar in a Captains Hideout. So, if you girls are here, let’s meet up ;)

captains hideout stars'n'bars bar monaco

Girls, if you have anything you want to know about the Monaco Yacht Show or you want me to go and make a picture or a video of something specific, just leave your requests in the comments below and I will see what I can do!


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