Today is a special day, because I am gonna be lost for the world for the next couple of days! The reason is simple, I bought new Sophie Kinsella’s book – Mini Shopaholic!! The latest book from the series about Becky Bloomwood the Shopaholic. I am anxious to enter again the magic world of humor and brands. No one writes as good as Sophie Kinsella, I adore her sense of humor, and if I were a writer I would want to have the same writing style as hers. You can order Mini Shopaholic on Amazon, if you are the same big fan as I am!

Recently, I came across her website and I must say it is both informative and entertaining. You can find information about all her books, her bio as well as video messages. Check it out for yourself at

What about you, rich girls?! Do you like Sophie Kinsella’s books? Have you read the Shopaholic series? I would love to hear your opinion! I will also add my review of this book when I am finished reading! So, stay tuned!

Happy reading for me and all the girls!


Rich Girl

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