Maria Sharapova is launching brand new premium line of sweets, called “Sugarpova” today! How cool is that?! You can watch the live launch event from “Henri Bendel” today Monday, August 20, 2012 at 11:00 am EDT here. Which is going to happen literally in a few minutes :) I am already logged in to make sure I won’t miss anything :) Maria Sharapova will be present at Heri Bendel for the launch event, so if you are in New York right now and happen to be a huge fan of Maria Sharapova (like I am) or cool candies (which is also my soft spot), rush to “Henri Bendel”! If I were you, I would definitely be there right this moment!

Well, I love everything sweet (which unfortunately has not helped my appearance) and would definitely buy some of that “Sugarpova” tennis gum balls and sugar lips! :) Especially if the portion of every purchase is going to go to the Maria Sharapova Foundation for helping children across the world achieve their dreams. Great cause, don’t you think?

premium sweets by Maria Sharapova called Sugarpova

If you, just like me, are not in New York at the moment, but still want to buy some of that “Sugarpova” candy, then you will be delighted to know that you can do it on website or at stores worldwide.

Update: I just watched the live presentation of Maria Sharapova’s “Sugarpova” candy line and here are some of the highlights and things that Maria said to the press:

Why she started her candy line? Maria worked at so many collaboration before that she finally wanted to start something of her own. Something where she could be financially responsible and be involved in final desitions 100%. Maria also always had a sweet tooth, so she put her heart and soul into this 18 month project.

How many flavors? 12 at the moment, because they wanted to start small. But Maria is going to add more flavors to “Sugarpova” soon.

Does Maria eat candy all the time? She said that she needs to look after her weight and figure, so she only has candies as a treat once in a while. But Maria definitely has a lot of candy at her house at the moment, thanks to “Sugarpova”!

So, this is what I could grab from Maria Sharapova’s answers to the press during live launch event at “Henri Bendel”. And by the way, Maria looked so gorgeous! Here is a photo from

Maria Sharapova at live launch of sugarpova candies at henri bendel

What about you, rich girls? Would you buy some of Maria Sharapova premium candy?


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