Happy Thanksgiving, my American friends!! I wish you all have a wonderful day with your family and friends today! Although I don’t celebrate this holiday, I think it is a great tradition which unites families and reminds us about our blessings. There are so many things I am thankful for and today is a perfect occasion to toast to them all!

thanksgiving 2012 centerpiece ideas happy holiday

I had a weird dream today. I don’t remember the whole plot of it, but there was one part which made me curious. I was preparing my house for some kind of party and when people started to gather, one girl was raving about how great the Thanksgiving Parade was today in New York. I remember thinking to myself, well, next time I should go to New York during Thanksgiving, so that I could witness the parade. And then it hit me (in the dream), I am in New York right now and I missed the parade!! How could I?! I was so mad at myself and then I woke up in my bedroom in Marbella. Now I am thinking, how strange was this dream right before Thanksgiving?! Maybe it means that next year I will be celebrating Thanksgiving in New York?! I really hope so!

What are your plans for today, rich girls? And most importantly, what are you wearing? Have a fabulous day!

Rich Girl

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