Creating Christmas wishlist is one of the most exciting things to do of the year. It is almost like shopping, but even better, because your bank account doesn’t suffer the consequences. Besides, after making Christmas gift guide with all the amazing present suggestions for the whole family, I realised that if Santa wanted to make that special gift for me, he would be confused. Should he look through the gift guide and just pick items from there? Or is there anything else he needs to take into account?

So, motivated by the cool Christmas wishlist of the senior editor of Fashionista – Alyssa Vingan Klein, I decided to make my own “What I want this Holiday” list.

I was extremely good this year and expect preferential treatment from Santa. In fact, I am still very nice and only selected bare essentials. Now if I think about it, I didn’t even mention jewellery, fur, vacations, new dark red Range Rover Sport! How very modest of me. I hope Santa will appreciate it.

Julia’s Christmas Wishlist

Ultra luxurious and amazing Christmas wishlist with the sought after items that all women will love to receive this Holiday season

1. Chantilly silk-satin robe by Carine Gilson $1065, available at Net-a-Porter: I just realised that I was not buying any feminine lingerie lately. Need to fix this as soon as possible and this silk-satin lace-trimmed robe would make a perfect Christmas gift.

2. Felt hat by Lanvin $890 available here. This season I am completely nuts about hats. I was never a big fan of this accessory and was wearing it only because of tough winters in Latvia. And while I was living here in Marbella the only hat I ever needed was either a tennis cap or something to protect my head from the sun. But this year I am totally obsessed with felt hats and this one by Lanvin is just perfect.

3. Matte Sunglasses by Tom Ford available at HouseofFraser Love these sunglasses. Elegant, simple, classy and Tom Ford. :)

4. Leather belt by Marni $300 available at Stylebop This is the best belt that I need at the moment. Great to wear with trousers, skirts and dresses. Can wear for evening outings as well as to work. Must-have for me at the moment.

5. Black Rockstud-detail leather pumps by Valentino available at Matchesfashion $488 I love practical and classy things and black leather pumps is the absolute must in my closet. Especially after I have recently ruined my beloved patent leather beauties. After experimenting with colours, shapes and materials, I have come to a conclusion that there is nothing better than classic black leather stilettos.

6. Silk scarf by Gucci $440 available here. This is a great finishing touch to almost any outfit. Very feminine and universal. Also, great and safe choice of present if you shopping for a rich girl.

7. Leather pencil skirt by Tom Ford $4290available here. Leather pencil skirt is a bit risky Christmas wishlist item to expect from Santa, unless he knows exactly where to buy it, the size and just how much I want it.

8. Goloso coat by Max Mara $1567 available at Matchesfashion I was thinking about similar coat for a few year now, but after GiGi Hadid’s triumphant AW15 runway appearance in this coat my all doubts disappeared. I just need this coat now!

9. Rockstud patent leather ballerinas by Valentino $745 available at Mytheresa I have been thinking about these ballerinas for a while now. Would be great if Santa took all the decision making from me, just packed these beauties and placed under the Christmas tree.

10. B-Rockstud leather shoulder bag by Valentino available here I don’t want to say much, but if I find this bag under the Christmas tree I will be super happy! I will survive without any other item on my wishlist, but not without this bag. Unless, dark red Range Rover Sport is still on the menu, then I can even survive without this Valentino bag!

So, this is my very “modest” Christmas wishlist. I decided to share it with you in case you still don’t know what you want to ask from Santa. And of course to make Santa’s life much easier.

Have a great Holiday season full of great gifts and pleasant surprises!



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