Today is Wednesday and here are my 3 luxe obsessions. Time flies so fast that I still can’t get used to the idea of countless beach parties, BBQs, holidays and concerts. Summer is always such a great fun, especially here in Marbella. So, today’s 3 luxe things are inspired by my Summer mood.

First on my list is this absolutely gorgeous and exclusive pearl and diamond necklace by Bulgari. Composed of five rows of round cream cultured pearls (measuring from approximately 5.2 to 9.6 mm), rubies, sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds. With a magnificent brilliant-cut diamond and cabochon sapphire clasp in 18k gold. This necklace was created in the 70s and recently sold at the Christie’s auction in Hong Kong for $45,350. I think that this necklace would be a perfect accessory for almost any classy summer outfit. Person who bought this necklace definitely have very exquisite taste.

Bulgari pearl and diamond necklace

Next on my luxe list are these gorgeous Ferragamo Pacella Perforated Suede Sandals
Should I even describe the reasons why I am obsessed with them? I think it is obvious, right?

And finally, although it is not an object, but just a hotel room! But what a spectacular one!! Since it is Summer I can’t stop thinking about my vacation to Ibiza. And this spectacular suite in recently opened Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza just keeps on tempting me to go there immediately! Absolutely obsessed with the beautiful island of Ibiza and what could be better than to wake up every morning to this views. Spectacular.

Hard Rock Hotel Room with sea views in Ibiza

These are my 3 luxe things I am currently obsessed about. What do you think? Is there anything you are totally obsessed at the moment?


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