Sometimes I forget to arrange properly all the luxe things that I am obsessed about every week. It’s a pity really, because how great it is to go through all the amazing things from time to time. By the way if you are curious to see what I was obsessed about last year, for example, you can check out all posts under 3 luxe things tag. Hopefully I didn’t forget to tag all appropriate posts :)

Let’s get to this weeks obsessions :) First on my luxe list are these marvellous earrings from Chopard. Especially for Cannes Film Festival Chopard created a new Red Carpet collection, which consists of breathtaking earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces. Out of all beautiful pieces of jewellery, I picked these earrings. Would absolutely love to wear these beauties to Cannes Film Festival red carpet (if I was going, of course :) ). What do you think, girls?

Chopard earrings from Red Carpet collection purple amethyst

Next luxury item on my list is this exquisite watch by Hermes from Arceau Temari collection. There are two different models of this Hermes watch: one with dial-plate made of pink opal and the other of black onyx. It is really hard to choose which one is better, but the girl in me always wins and thats why I decided on the pink opal piece. Looks amazing and would be a great match for almost any Summer outfit, don’t you think?

Hermes watch from Arceau Temari collection

And finally something extremely necessary for me at the moment – sunglasses! I was always avoiding cat-eye shaped sunglasses before, but these elegant sunnies by Gucci convinced me to give cat-eyes a chance. Needless to say, it was love from the first sight! :)

gucci cat eye sunglasses spring 2014

These are my 3 luxe obsessions this week. What do you think? Is there anything you liked from my list? What luxe item you are currently fascinated about? Please share your opinion in the comments below.


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