Ever wondered how would $100 000 look like in real $1 bills? Ever dreamed about hanging all your money around in your apartment and wake up every morning surrounded by your money, literally? I did :) Nowadays, when all your wealth is just a number on your bank account, you can check your balance, transfer money and pay bills online or via ATM, pay with a credit card at the store, we don’t see cash so often. Do you agree? It is good if I have some money for tips or other minor stuff in my purse, otherwise it is stacked with credit cards. I guess we don’t use a lot of real money anymore. We only see piles of cash in movies, like in the latest Fast and Furious with millions in a safe.

So, to see actual real money and a decent amount of it live is like a dream. Well, there is one guy who actually made this dream come true, but not at his own home, at his solo exhibition at the Guggenheim museum. Guys name is Hans-Peter Feldmann, he is the artist and the winner of the 2010 Hugo Boss Prize.

$100 000 guggenheim exhibition

Hans-Peter Feldmann received $100 000 as an award money and decided to split this amount into $1 bills and hang them on the walls of a large gallery for everyone to see. It took museum art workers about 13 days to hang all the bills. And the result is overwhelming. In his interview to NY Times Hans-Peter Feldmann said that for him $100,000 is very special and incredible amount. And that he wanted to show the quantity of it.

money on the wall in guggenheim museum

Well, I think it is incredible and very brave to hang all your money for everyone to see and reach. What if someone will grab them? But I hope everything will be fine and Mr. Feldmann after the exhibition is over will be able to count all his money to the exact $100 000 and be able to spend it wisely

hans-peter feldman exhibition in guggenheim 100000 bills

If you live in New York or will be visiting in the near future, I think it is worth to see this exhibition. I would definitely want to see it and feel the energy of money :) The exhibition will be in Guggenheim museum till the 2nd of Novembr 2011, so we have plenty of time to see it, girls.

guggenheim museum hans-peter feldman dollars on the walls

What do you think about this? Isn’t it incredible?


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Pictures credit: David Heald
Inspiration and information for this post gathered here: Guggenheim; Colossal; NY Times