I have already told you why I loved Venetian hotel in Las Vegas so much, now allow me to rave about my other most favorite hotels in Las Vegas! And let’s start with the most amazing one – Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas is the most amazing one

Actually, I find it hard to put all my excitement into words. It is really worth to see this luxurious Las Vegas hotel with your own eyes, instead of reading a lot about it. But anyway, I will try to do my best. So, Wynn doesn’t have any specific theme, but everything here is top-notch. I have never in my life slept in such a comfortable bed, as in Wynn Las Vegas. And I stayed in a lot of 5-star hotels around the world. The beds in Wynn hotel are the best so far! I am honestly thinking of ordering blankets and sheets from this hotel now, because my bed at home suddenly became really hard to sleep on.

Super comfortable bed in Wynn Hotel

The other thing I loved so much in Wynn is the Tryst nightclub!! The sound was great, DJ was awesome and the venue itself was exceptional. I was reading some reviews on Hotels.com and people were saying that they couldn’t sleep because of the noise coming from the club. To them I say, why come to Las Vegas to sleep at night?!! Party!! Especially when you are staying in a hotel with such a great club! Have you ever been in a club with a huge waterfall inside? Breathtaking!

party at the exclusive Tryst Nightclub at Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

The pool area in Wynn Las Vegas is also huge and cozy. It was great to relax here after partying till 5 a.m.

Pool area at Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas

Shopping is always great in Vegas, so Wynn and Encore has everything a respectable rich girl could wish for in terms of shopping.

Next time I am in Las Vegas I will definitely stay in Wynn again. Not only because of the bed and nightclub, but also because I have unfinished business there. I need to dine in Mizumi restaurant and SW Steakhouse, the latter was voted “Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas” by New York Magazine. Oh, and have I mentioned the SPA?!

I don’t know if I managed to paint a clear picture of how cool Wynn hotel really is, but if you have ever stayed here you will agree that Wynn is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas!

Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas

Just a few words about other hotels I stayed in Vegas. Bellagio was a great disappointment in terms of the room that we had. It was nothing special at all and you expect something great from Bellagio when you pay ridiculous amount of money. Well, I need to clarify, that we had a standard room, because we spontaneously changed our plans and decided to stay in Las Vegas one more day and this was the only option available at Bellagio. We still paid a lot of money for this room, which was complete waste. I am sure that suites are amazing there, but somehow I don’t have desire to find out. Casinos, lobby, restaurants and the fountains are magnificent there, no doubt. And the “O” show is the best Cirque du Soleil! So, it is definitely worth to go and spend an evening in Bellagio, but to live somewhere else.

MGM Grand stinks, literally! Everything is so old here. It took us forever to get to our room, because the corridors are endless. The casino smells with smoke, people in casino are weird, the only good thing here is the “KA” show. Never again will I stay in MGM.

I don’t remember much about TI-Treasure Island, except that they upgraded us to a huge suite without us even asking. And we ended up in the amazing room with huge jacuzzi. Mmm, sweet memories! :)

Garden in Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

In addition to my two most favorite hotels in Las Vegas – Venetian and Wynn, the other ones that I would really like to stay in next time is Aria and The Cosmopolitan. These are brand new hotels in Las Vegas and I was impressed by their funky and opulent casinos. Also, I just loved “Marquee” nightclub in The Cosmopolitan. But if you ever decide to go there (which you must, as it is the most popular club in Las Vegas at the moment!), make sure you book a table, because it is extremely crowded and the fact that there are few different rooms doesn’t really help.

I can talk about Las Vegas endlessly, but as I have already mentioned before, it is better to come here and experience it. One thing is certain, Las Vegas won’t leave you indifferent.

So, rich girls, do you love Las Vegas as much as I do? What do you like the most in Vegas? Please share your opinion in the comments below.

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