This year was the third time in a row when I spent one week of September in Monaco. And the reasons why I keep coming back to this luxurious country is the Monaco Yacht Show. During these few days Monaco becomes a center of the yachting industry. All professionals, owners and potential buyers come to the show to see the boats, make valuable contacts, meet old friends or just have fun.

While I am at Monaco Yacht Show, I love to do the following things. First of all, I love to watch the boats!

Port Hercules at night

Port Hercules becomes the main attraction. From almost anywhere you look, the view to the port is breathtaking.

Port Hercules, view from above

And there are so many yachts and boats, that come to Monaco for the show, that a great number of them just stay on the anchor outside.

Boats on anchor in the harbor during Monaco Yacht Show

But to watch the boats from afar is one thing and to actually be on board is completely different story. This year I was lucky to be on board of the following boats: “Diamonds Are Forever”, “Project 12”, “Karia”, “Imperial Princess” and “Mogambo”. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take picture on most of the boats, so you should just trust me, that the interior design on some of the ships is absolutely exquisite.

Jacuzzi on upper deck in a Project 12 boat

And of course the parties!! During four days of the show, I managed to attend six different parties. I didn’t even expect to be invited to any of them, so I packed only two cocktail dresses – one to go to the casino and the other to go to the club. Well, I haven’t managed to go to either of these places, since all my evenings were occupied.

I am at the party during Monaco Yacht Show

Captains party during Monaco Yacht Show

There were so many interesting things during the Monaco Yacht Show 2012, that I am afraid I will need to write one more article about it. I have tons of pictures and even more great memories, that I am willing to share with you.

Maybe there is something you would like to know about the show? Just leave your questions or comments below.

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