In Latvia (where I am from) we don’t have tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving, so all my information about this holiday is based mainly on the movies and TV-series. I love the idea of the whole family get-together with special pies and turkey, counting of blessings and the traditional Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which is walking the streets of New York City each year.

This is basically all my knowledge about Thanksgiving, but what I really love about it, apart from what I have just mentioned, is the table decoration. I love how the house is decorated with Autumn flowers and especially the Thanksgiving dinner table.

First time when I was truly inspired by the festive dinner table setting was in the episodes of famous and glamorous tv-series – Gossip Girl. People who worked on this show really knew how to make everything look very expensive and stylish. For example, the Thanksgiving dinner table setting that I loved the most was in the Episode 11 of Season 3. I tried to make a still of this episode, just to show you how it looked in case you missed it. But of course it is not of a very high quality, sorry about that, girls.

thanksgiving episode still from gossip girl

The other episode which showed awesome Thanksgiving table setting was the Episode 10 of the Season 4. I guess that they loved Thanksgiving on Gossip Girl, very strange since the show was not very family centric.

gossip girls thanksgiving episode still

Oh, those young Gossip Girl days, how I miss them. By the way, if you remember any movie or tv-series with good examples of festive dinner table setting, please share it with me. I would love to watch it.

Anyway, inspired by the amazing table setting examples, I decided that although I don’t know how to cook traditional Thanksgiving dinner or have my family around here in Spain, at least what I can do is to decorate my house with festive flowers, drink some wine and count my blessings. I searched online a little and found a lot of useful ideas on how to make amazing centerpieces yourself. For example, look at these adorable flower arrangements, which I found on Martha Stewart site:

thanksgiving flowers by martha stewart

Here is how you can make this flower arrangement yourself.

pear thanksgiving basket by martha stewart

Here is how you can make this Gilded Pear Basket yourself.

But who am I kidding. There is no way in a million years that I am going to make something like that myself. I’ll just go and order it online or at the nearest florist boutique. Here you can see just a few of my most favorite centrepieces that I am considering of buying. What do you think?

FTD Fall Harvest Cornucopia By Better Homes and Gardens

FTD Bountiful Flowers

FTD Autumn Treasures Flowers

Turkey Time Harvest Flower Basket

Autumnal Abundance Cornucopia

Autumn Melodies Harvest Dish Garden

Gather Together Fall Flowers Trio – Vase Included

FTD Bright Autumn Centerpiece

Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals Harvest Blooms Centerpiece In Square Glass Vase

Jane Seymour Silk Botanicals Harvest Mum & Ranunculus Centerpiece In Ceramic Pot

So, what do you think, rich girls? Are you going to decorate your house for Thanksgiving this year? What kind of centrepieces do you usually use for your Thanksgiving dinner table? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Rich Girl

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