Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays – St. Valentine’s Day! The day of happy couples and amazingly sweet presents :) The Day of Love. The Day of proposals. The Day of Marriage.

I just wonder how many couples will get married tomorrow (by the way it is Saturday, the best day to get married ;) )? How many guys will present diamond rings to the girls they love and ask them to marry? Interesting what will they choose as a proposition method?

Oh, isn’t it wonderful?! The Day of Joy! What about you? Do you like this Holiday? What was so special about this Day in your life?

By the way, I have found the ring, which could be the best choice as the St. Valentine’s Day present – Happy diamonds by Chopard (this exact ring is on the picture) . I fell in love with this ring, it’s shape, rose gold and these 3 cute mobile diamonds. What could be more romantic than this? :)

Happy St. Valentine’s Day, my dear Rich Girl’s Club members! I love you all!


Rich Girl