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When I am invited to a birthday or wedding or any other special event, the prospect of choosing the right present always makes me nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping for unique gifts, but I am also too worried about getting the perfect one. There are so many people to buy gifts for (especially during Christmas time) boyfriends and girlfriends, mom and dad, sisters and brothers, best friends, in laws, babies, relatives, pets, colleagues, hairdressers, masseuse, tennis coaches, just good acquaintance and so on.

But today we are not going to look into what present to buy to all listed above. I only want to finally cover the most frequently asked question: What gift to buy for a rich girl?!

Gift Ideas For Rich Girls

First of all, here I have carefully selected the collection of the latest (November 2017) and the most stylish expensive gifts for her:

Luxury Christmas gifts for her 2017

1. Iphoria iPhone Case
2. Shoulder Bag
3. Bow Clip
4. Jewelry Box
5. Lizzie Fortunato Earrings
6. Party Sandals

1. Deepa Gurnani Erte by Deepa Gurnani Kate Earrings
2. Tumi Monaco Travel Kit
3. Thierry Lasry Choky Sunglasses
4. Tory Burch Geo Wide Cuff Bracelet
5. Lizzie Fortunato Poinsettia Collar Necklace
6. Edie Parker Broken Heart Charm

what gift to buy for a rich girl

1. La Seine & Moi – Aimee scarf – women – Acrylic/Modacrylic/Polyester – One Size, Black, Acrylic/Modacrylic/Polyester
2. Miu Miu – clasp fastening tote – women – Calf Leather – One Size, Pink/Purple, Calf Leather
3. Gucci – floral strap watch – women – Leather/Brass – One Size
4. Burberry – Check scarf – women – Silk – One Size, Nude/Neutrals, Silk
5. Eshvi – Venus ring – women – Brass – 58, Yellow/Orange
6. Agnelle – Funny Patches gloves – women – Silk/Lamb Skin – 7, Black, Silk/Lamb Skin

Holiday gift ideas for a rich girl

1. Serpui – crystal charm earrings – women – metal – One Size, Grey
2. Corto Moltedo – Susan Shock clutch bag – women – Python Skin/Lapis Lazuli/Silk Satin – One Size, Grey, Python Skin/Lapis Lazuli/Silk Satin
3. Calvin Klein – metal bar detail sunglasses – women – Acetate/metal – 60, Nude/Neutrals, Acetate/metal
4. Sanayi 313 – embroidered bee mules – women – Cotton/Leather – 37, Grey, Cotton/Leather
5. Niza Huang – Under Earth ring – women – quartz/24kt Gold Vermeil – One Size, Yellow/Orange
6. Versace – Wild Baroque print foulard – women – Silk – One Size, Silk

Well, the first thing you need to consider before you start shopping for a rich girl is who you are to her? If you are a boyfriend you probably know exactly what your little spoiled girl wants and is expecting from you. All you need to do is to really listen to what she says and take notes (seriously!). Like if she says:”Oh, they (name of the brand goes here) have such a cool new handbag. I soooo want it!! But, well, I have a lot of bags, I don’t know what to do with all of them.” Here we go, she mentioned the brand and design. All you need to do is go and get it for her. And don’t think too much about how many bags she already has. Any girl, not just rich girl, can’t have too many bags. Never! The same applies to shoes and other accessories. But, of course, if you want to propose to her, you need to have another plan and as a result different shopping.

For parents it is always better to ask what their daughter wants. If a rich girl has a sister, then she probably can advise them on what to buy. Also, rich girl’s friends who are wealthy themselves can use their personal concierge to get the best possible advices on what is hot in luxury industry at the moment. This way they can get an exclusive gift that will help them stand out of the cool crowd.

So, I guess we came to the point where recommendations and gift ideas on what gift to get for a girl who already has everything mostly needed by friends and acquaintance who are not well-off and can not afford expensive things. These people are always worried what gift to buy, so it won’t look cheap and could actually bring joy.

Well, it’s really a tough one, but achievable. First you need to remember, don’t give her cash, unless she specifically indicated that that is what she wanted as a present. I wouldn’t recommend giving cash to anyone on their Birthday or Christmas, not only rich girl. Christmas and Birthdays are all about presents, about the magic of unwrapping and see what’s inside. It is a ritual we are all used to since childhood, so don’t spoil the fun. Unless, as I have said before, the recipient specifically asked you to not get them anything, just cash.

Another important thing to remember is, don’t think that if rich girl has it all, she doesn’t care about presents! She does. Everyone loves presents, they not need to be expensive, but they need to be picked with love, just like for anyone else.

And the last thing is that rich girl is probably aware of your situation with money, so don’t worry she won’t expect something over the top from you. Don’t spend more than you can afford, no one needs that.

Ok, so before we get to the list of things I recommend you to look at while shopping for a gift, here is a small list of what you should NOT buy:

– Kitchen Appliance
– Watches
– Apparel

Why not to look at these items? Because these things mostly depend on your personal taste and your budget. It is too much of the risk to actually get something which she will love and will actually wear. Don’t risk with your money, this is not worth it. Unless you know for sure what she wants, like I mentioned before with boyfriend example.

So, finally what gift to get for a Rich Girl:

1) Manicure, Pedicure & Spa Package Gift Certificates. This is one of the best presents to buy if you have no idea what your friend really wants. Any girl loves to spend a few hours to be pampered. To have a nice facial or massage, or at least a quick manicure. Sometimes all we girls need is a little bit of “me-time” and that’s why Spa Gift Certificates are perfect. It is a useful gift which any girl will appreciate and you can adjust it to your budget.

2) Exclusive hand-made luxurious chocolate. All girls love SPA treatments, but there is also one more thing they can’t live without – CHOCOLATE!! :) But of course, if you want to give it as a present it better be something special, luxurious and unique. Something like luxury collection of exclusive chocolates. This is the World’s premier hand-made chocolates in a luxurious mahogany box, where you can engrave your special message and even add a photograph. You can select the kind of chocolate and fillings as well as the shape of the box. And if you are not able to give this gift in person, then you will be happy to know that zChocolat delivers worldwide by DHL to 244 countries. This is a truly perfect, one of the kind and unforgettable gift.

zChocolat Holiday Collection

3) Favorite Sports Related Gifts. There is a huge chance that your rich girl is a avid fan of a certain sport. She can be a tennis player, golfer, yoga fanatic, cyclist or jogger. You can always find something interesting and useful if you know what kind of sports she is into. I would always be happy for a new tennis outfit or accessories.

tennis dress shoes bag and other gifts for her

1. Adidas Stella McCartney Barricade US Open Tennis Dress
2. Nike Maria Sharapova Australian Open Tennis Dress
3. Wilson Pro Staff 95 – 100 Years Edition Package
4. Wilson Trainer Bucket
5. Supido Speed Radar Speedometer
6. Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Shoes

4) Accessories for iPhone or iPad, if she has one in the first place. A lot of designers came up with really cool and stylish accessories for iPhones and now iPads, so just search for one you think your friend will like. Gucci, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana and other designers have fabulous iPhone covers to choose from.

Designer iPhone cases for rich girls

Various Luxe Designer iPhone Cases

5) Get her something interesting and unusual. Look at this world map that I found on Amazon. I think this present idea is actually cool, interesting and useful. This kind of map motivates you to travel more and reminds you of how huge our planet is. No matter how rich you are, there is still a place that you haven’t been to yet.

World Map Push Pin – The Nautilus World Map – Large Framed Map

6) Handmade gifts. The other gift category that I like are those presents made with your own hands. Of course, if you know what you are doing! Like, if you have never done anything before, better practice a lot before even considering to present your rich girl with your handcrafted goods. But, if you are really good at something, if all your friends say that you are such a great jewelry maker or painter or baker, then you can do something special for her. What is cool about handcrafted presents, is that they are unique and exclusive. There will be no other rich girl in the whole world with the same thing and this adds a lot of value. Also, it will probably will take a lot of your time (so, think twice before even starting!) and effort which is also priceless! Everyone can appreciate handmade goods.

7) Photo Session. If you are a photographer or you know one, you can organize a photo session for your friend. The whole experience can be so much fun, if planned and organized beforehand.

So, these are the most cool, interesting and expensive gift ideas to get for rich girl that I can think of at the moment. Please, tell me what was her reaction when you presented her one of the recommended gifts, if you will choose any. I would love to know!

If you have any other ideas, you are welcome to share them with me, by posting your comment below! I will be updating this list frequently, so if you have a very cool idea I will be glad to add it to the list.

Happy shopping!


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