“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” / F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

great gatsby party outfit idea with feathers and jewellery sequinned
Cinq a Sept Skylar Sequin Dress

Choosing Outfit For The Great Gatsby Party

Great Gatsby theme for a party is one of my most favourite. It implies class, eliteness and luxury. There is always something magical in dressing up for a themed party. Lots of excitement and preparation! You need to select your outfit carefully, have your makeup and hair done by professionals. When you are ready and look at yourself in the mirror, there is someone else looking back at you, someone mysterious and sexy. Someone who can be a completely different person if even for the night. And when you are dressing up for a Great Gatsby party there is even more fun, as you have to be a decadent goddess in sequins and feathers.


great gatsby style dress with feathers Metallic fringe dress for great gatsby party
alice + olivia Philomena Feather Dress Rachel Zoe Metallic Fringe Dress

Great Gatsby: Fringe

Great Gatsby fringe black cocktail dress


Great Gatsby: Feathers

great gatsby lanvin black cocktail feathered dress christmas

Great Gatsby party outfit idea with black feathered cocktail dress

Great Gatsby: Sequins

Sequins are perfect for any party. But for Great Gatsby themed party they are ideal. One other occasion when sequinned cocktail dress is the most appropriate is New Years party. What do you think, rich girls?

Great Gatsby party outfit ideas sequinned cocktail dress

givenchy green sequinned cocktail dress great gatsby party

Last Sunday I have finally watched “The Great Gatsby” new movie. Somehow I was not expecting much of it, but it turned out to be absolutely amazing! I loved everything about this movie – the brilliant cast, breathtaking scenes, exquisite costumes, magnificent soundtrack and upscale parties. Leonardo DiCaprion has proved yet again that he is a one of the kind actor and if this time he won’t get an Oscar, then I just don’t know what the Academy wants. His portrayal of the Gatsby was impeccable! I have just recently read the book and Leonardo is much better version of Gatsby than I could have even imagined. So, if you haven’t seen the movie already, I highly recommend you to do so! Although there are different opinions regarding this movie in the press, I still believe that everyone will find something to like about it.

Great Gatsby Style: Gown

Great Gatsby inspired style

I predict that there will be a lot of Great Gatsby themed parties, so I decided to create a few outfits to help you start choosing the perfect outfit in case you are invited or you choose this theme to your party. Better be always prepared and inspired, right, girls?

Obviously, the Great Gatsby themed outfit can’t be without either feathers or sequins. Or better yet both! :) I think that the very first outfit in this post with the Jovani dress is more than appropriate for the Gatsby party, what with the feathers, glitter and all. Any rich girl, who chooses to wear this dress will be the star of the night! You just can’t be ignored in this dress! Ah, I am getting excited already! And what about black Lanvin and green Givenchy cocktail dress? Perfection!

great gatsby costume idea for the theme party

I also love outfits which are a little bit more classy and elegant, in case you don’t want to be all wild and extremely sexy. I love the formal evening gowns, because they can be easily accessorized to look authentic to the Gatsby era as well as you can wear these dresses later to different parties and occasions such as weddings, fundraisers and other galas. These amazing dresses will make you stand out of even the most glitzy and glamorous crowd. I always look at girls and ladies who wear long evening gowns with fur thrown casually over naked shoulders as the best example of Hollywood glamour, luxury, elegance and true femininity. And what do you think about long evening gowns, rich girls? Do you wear them often?

great gatsby daisy dress and outfit idea for a theme party

So, these are my Great Gatsby inspired party outfits. Would be great to know what do you think, rich girls? Also, don’t be shy to share your own outfit ideas with us. I would love to see what you came up with! Maybe you have already went to the Gatsby party and have amazing photos from the party. Don’t be shy to share your own looks with us! We always need to be inspired by great people with immaculate taste. I would also be interested in the way how the party venue is decorated. At the moment I don’t have any ideas, except the champagne glass towers and confetti all over the place. What do you think the best decorated Gatsby party venue should look like? Please share your ideas and photos if possible. Would be greatly appreciated!! Can’t wait! :)

Looking forward to the most fancy, grand and glamorous parties, party outfits and photos! Always have fun anywhere you go!


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