Self-Portrait dress? Up until now I didn’t even know that there is such thing. I found out about Self-Portrait brand by chance, when my friend arrived to our club’s Christmas cocktail party wearing astonishing lace dress. When I asked her who the designer is, I was not expecting to hear the unknown name for me. Of course, I didn’t show that I am not aware of the name, but I was very surprised by the quality and design of the dress. It looked show-stopping.

After drinking too much of champagne that day, I forgot all about the dress and the brand. Until yesterday when browsing through one well-known luxury shopping website I stumbled upon a beautiful dress and was surprised to find out that it was by Self-Portrait again. Now, this brand really got my attention and I decided to find out more about it.

A Few Words about Self-Portrait Brand

Turns out, Self-Portrait is a relatively new contemporary fashion London-based brand founded in fall of 2013 by Malaysian-born designer – Han Chong. And it is rapidly becoming celebrity favourite. Such stars as Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Banks, Lucy Hale, Kristen Stewart, Kendall Jenner, Miranda Kerr and blogger Man Repeller were spotted wearing Self-Portrait dress.

What I personally love about Self-Portrait dress is that it is feminine, detailed and not plain at all. When I choose a dress for a special date, cocktail party or wedding reception, I want it to be classy, flattering to my body, yet interesting, with a bit more details and special designer touch to it. I want to stand out of the crowd, I love the attention and wearing just simple LBD is not my thing. I don’t want to blend in, I want to shine! And I believe that in Self-Portrait dress you can achieve all that. I think that the label produces fresh, feminine, urban-inspired dresses which are perfect for cocktail parties. And of course, I just love the lace and embroidery trimmings!

I definitely fell in love with the brand and would like you to check out dresses that I have picked from the latest 2019 collection. You will feel special wearing these dresses, because each of them is so beautiful and unique!

Self-Portrait Dress Options For Cocktail Parties

1. Self Portrait Red Floral Lattice Lace Dress

2. Self Portrait Twist Front Ditsy Mini Dress

3. Self Portrait Midi Dress

4. Self Portrait Crochet Dress

5. Self Portrait Abstract Triangle Lace Dress

6. Self Portrait Floral Twist Neck Mini Dress

7. Self Portrait Chiffon Midi Dress

So, these are my favourite cocktail dress options from Self-Portrait brand. Just to remind you, the dress code rule of thumb of cocktail attire for women is an elegant short dress that is above, at or below the knee length. The perfect length of the cocktail dress in my opinion is midi.

There are not many dresses that can be casual or professional in appearance. However, many midi dresses look great in all sorts of environments and circumstances. That is because they do not have the floor length of ball gowns, but they also do not have the super short look of mini dresses. As the name implies, they are mid-length dresses that cover your knees and end somewhere above your ankles. Within that range, their lengths can vary, so you can select the length that fits your height. A shorter midi dress is better if you are short yourself. Wear it with heels to elongate the appearance of your legs. You can also choose midi dress with various hemlines from A-line to asymmetrical to show off your style.

Self-Portrait Dresses I Loved in 2016

Just to compare what dresses impressed me in 2016. I can’t believe how time flies, but some dresses are timeless.

1. Dark Maroon Strapless Guipure lace dress

Self portrait maroon lace dress for cocktail party

2. A Formfitting Self-Portrait Mini Dress in Guipure Lace

Self portrait dress black and white for cocktail party

3. Contrast-Mesh Feminine Self-Portrait Fit-and-Flare Dress

Self portrait embroidered dress for cocktail party

4. Self-Portrait Tiered Blush Mini Dress

Self portrait dress tiered lace mini

5. Self-Portrait Sculpted White Lace Dress

Self Portrait white lace sculpted dress

6. High Neckline Guipure Lace Dress

Self portrait black guipure lace dress with high neckline

7. Romantic Self-Portrait Floral Lace Dress

Self portrait red floral lace dress

What do you think, girls? Did you like any of the Self-Portrait cocktail party dresses that I have picked? Which selection of dresses do you like the most – in 2019 or 2016? Have you heard about this brand before? Would you consider buying any of the Self-Portrait dresses in the future? Would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.



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