As the whole world is suffering from the unexpected weather conditions and excessive amount of snow everywhere (except here in Marbella and LA), I think that it is the best time to wear fur coats. I know that animal rights activists will hate me for this post, but what can I do?! I love fur coats, I think it is the most sexy and feminine thing a girl can be wearing. Also, I am Russian and in Russia almost every woman has a fur coat, because winters are cold all the time.
So, anyway, I was browsing Oscar de la Renta website the other day and fell in love with some of the fur coats that I have found there.

Here we go, Rich Girls favorite Oscar de la Renta fur coats:

1 – Cherry Blossom Chevron Technique Shadow Fox Coat

Oscar de la Renta fox fur cherry blossom pink chevron technique shadow coat

I fell in love with this pink fox fur coat at the first sight, mainly because of the color! You know I love pink :) But there some down sides of this coat, first thing are the sleeves, they are a little bit short, so if you will be wearing in let’s say -20′ your hands will be cold. The other thing is that this coat adds volume to your body and if you are not super skinny, there is a chance that you will end up looking enormous! But all in all I love this fox fur coat, I think it is cute.

2 – Red Fox Strip Technique Coat

Oscar de la Renta red fox fur strip technique coat

Now this Oscar de la Renta fox fur coat is a decent coat with long sleeves and interesting color. I think this coat is great for ladies who love fox fur.

3 – Pearl Grey Mink Coat With Sheared Mink Body

Oscar de la Renta pearl gray Grey mink coat

I love mink fur, it is very soft and amazing when you touch it. And I loved this coat mainly because it is made out of mink and because of the design. I don’t really like the color, it is pretty boring to my taste.

4 – Magenta Dyed Split Skin Mink Coat Reversible To Taffeta Rain Wear

Oscar de la Renta magenta dyed split skin red mink coat

Really love this mink fur coat! I love everything about it: the style, the color and the fur. One of my most favorite Oscar de la Renta mink fur coats. Very feminine.

5 – Pearl Mink Coat With Check Technique Sleeves

Oscar de la Renta pearl white mink coat

This coat to my mind is suitable for every occasion, you can go shopping in this as well as slip it over your shoulders when going to a ball or a party. Love the color, pure innocence.

6 – Natural Chinchilla Jacket

Oscar de la Renta natural chinchilla jacket

Now this coat or rather jacket is made out of one of the most expensive fur – chinchilla. I love it, it looks expensive and amazing. I love it! Love it!

7 – Barguzine Dyed Sable Kimono Coat

Oscar de la Renta sable fur kimono coat

And the last fur coat on my list is also the most expensive one – Sable Kimono Coat. In this sable fur coat every woman will look like $1 million!!

These are my favorite Oscar de la Renta fur coat designs, but there are plenty of other styles on the website and some coats are now on sale, so do check for more information, inspiration and shopping :)


Rich Girl

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