A while ago I wrote about Mariah Carey’s closet, because I thought, that she has the most perfect walk-in closet I have ever seen. But, when I started to look at other Rich Girl’s closets, I’ve found out that each Girl has her own unique approach in the way she organizes her things and it makes each closet a masterpiece. The more closets we see, the more ideas we will be able to borrow for our own unique, perfect closets, right?! So, I decided to investigate a lot of Rich Girl’s closets to collect as much great ideas as possible for my own precious closet.

So, the next big Rich Girl’s closet I really loved is Paris Hilton’s closet. I managed to find only one video where she shows her closet (actually THREE closets!!) to Myspace.com Fashion. And I must say it’s HUGE!

paris hilton's closet inspiration

Paris Hilton has separate closets for shoes, jewelry and REAL closet for clothes and purses. As she admits herself, she is obsessed with shoes, she has numerous collections of different kind of shoes. I just wonder if she really managed to wear them all, at least once. Recently I have also written about Paris Hilton’s closet just for jeans.

Paris Hilton wears a lot of couture, her favorite brands are Ungaro, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, but as she said in the video, she doesn’t really pick one look, her style changes all the time, which is great.

Paris Hiltons Closet

Paris Hilton also has her own Shoe, Handbag, Fragrance etc. lines and of course she has her own most favorite designs in her closet.

Kira Palstinina and Paris Hilton

A while ago Paris Hilton was a fan of a Russian teenager Kira Plastinina designs, she even visited Moscow to attend Kira’s fashion show. I wonder if Paris still has some clothes made by Kira in her wardrobe.

Actually, I learned so much about Paris Hilton while collecting information about her closet. She does so much  stuff, I am amazed. I just wonder where such a huge celebrity like herself gets the time to party hard and work hard?! Well, good luck, Paris! And I love your closet :)

So, what do you think? Do you like Paris Hilton’s closet? Would love to hear your opinion.


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