Can’t wait for this Sunday, when I hope to see celebrities wearing exquisite and (hopefully) colourful evening gowns. After the most boring red carpet in the history of Golden Globes this year, I hope that ladies will put a bit more effort in their Oscars 2018 appearance. I don’t want to comment on the black dresses during Golden Globes, but I wish they picked another colour for making a point and solidarity. For example, white would be more appropriate, don’t you think? Black dress is a great choice when only a few ladies wear it, but if all the women at a party wear black, it sets a strong “mourning at a funeral vibe”.

Anyway, back to the Oscars 2018. You know that I love to pick dresses for celebrities and play a “guess what they will wear” dress, right? Well, this year I decided instead of guessing what celebrities might like, to pick a gown for myself. Imagine what gorgeous gown would I wear, if I was going to shine on the red carpet.

Turns out, selecting “the dress” is much tougher than guessing. In the end I couldn’t stop at just one and selected a few, 9 to be precise. Would love to hear your opinion on the dresses. Let’s pick the Ultimate Dress together. Please comment below which dress you love the most.

Oscars 2018 red carpet best dressed picks

9 Dresses For Oscars 2018 Red Carpet

1 – Elie Saab

I am such a fan of Elie Saab evening dresses. They just know how to make a perfect gown. I could wear almost any dress from any collection by Elie Saab, because every piece is exactly like I love it – feminine, sexy and luxurious. This red dress from couture Spring/Summer 2018 collection is amazing! What do you think? Good choice for Oscars 2018 red carpet?

Elie Saab red evening dress for Oscars 2018 red carpet

2 – Zuhair Murad

Speaking of luxurious over the top evening dresses, my other favourite designer – Zuhair Murad! And again stunning red dress.

Zuhair Murad red evening dress for Oscars 2018 red carpet

3 – Chanel

No list would be complete without Chanel. I just love this pink evening gown from their Spring/Summer 2018 Couture collection.

Chanel pink evening couture dress for Oscars 2018 red carpet

4 – Giambattista Valli

My other all time favourite designer who creates beautiful evening gowns – Giambattista Valli. This sequinned piece would turn heads at the Oscars 2018 red carpet, no doubt about it.

Giambattista Valli evening sparkly dress for Oscars 2018 red carpet

5 – Christian Dior

Interesting evening dress for a special occasion. Just wonder if any celebrities would pick this one. I would.

Christian Dior white evening dress for Oscars 2018 red carpet

Black Dresses For Oscars 2018 Red Carpet

Although I hated only black dresses at Golden Globes 2018, I still think that black dress is an elegant and safe choice for almost any party (except wedding). So, I decided to through these two dresses into selection. Let me know which one you like better.

6 – Yanina

Feminine dress by Yanina. Would wear it definitely, not too sure if the best pick for Oscars though. What do you think?

Yanina black dress for Oscars 2018 red carpet

7 – Christian Dior

Another black dress that I like by Christian Dior. Interesting design, what do you think?

Christian Dior black evening dress for Oscars 2018 red carpet

Dresses For Vanity Fair Afterparty

As you know, Oscars is not only the main red carpet and the ceremony itself, but Vanity after party is even more fun. There will be relaxed atmosphere and lots of celebration and definitely drinking. Almost all celebrities always change into different dress for this party. So, I would change as well. Here are two options that I would be deciding on.

8 – Zuhair Murad

This sparkly dress by Zuhair Murad is the best option for a special party of the year.

Zuhair Murad sequinned evening dress for Oscars red carpet

9 – Ralph & Russo

This is more feminine party dress option. After Vanity Fair after party I would wear it at least one more time for any Great Gatsby theme party in the future.

Ralph Russo evening designer gown for Oscars 2018 red carpet

So, these are the nine dresses I would love to wear if I was going to Oscars 2018 red carpet and later to Vanity Fair after party. But let’s be honest, I would be so self-conscious around all these gorgeous celebrities, that the only thing I would be confident in is covered in a blanket :) That’s why this Valentino purple dress sounds like a perfect choice in real life :) what do you think?

Valentino purple evening dress for Oscars 2018 red carpet

Which dress do you like the most? I will be very excited to know your opinion in the comments below.



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