Halloween costume ideas is something I love to carefully think about in advance of this holiday. But somehow in the end I am almost always late with my Halloween costume, well, not just Halloween any costumes. Usually I am the one who runs around the shops like crazy in search for any costume a few hours before the event. Which is totally wrong, because: A – there are just no good costumes left; and B – this last minute search ruins the whole point of the event, instead of getting ready and be in a good mood, I am frustrated.

So, this year I decided to look for the best 2016 Halloween costume ideas and buy something in advance (I bet some of you already have a costume prepared, good girls!). Last time when I was searching for a website with a grand selection of different kinds of Halloween costumes, I found this amazing site called HalloweenCostumes.com

I like this site because it has a wide range of high quality Halloween costumes, party ideas, treats as well as decorations. So, you can buy everything at one place, which is super convenient.

I still haven’t decided on a costume, so here are just a few ideas that I like the most so far:

Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Dazzling Flapper Costume

Well, since I really loved “The Great Gatsby” movie, I thought it is a cool Halloween costume idea to dress like a 20-ies girl. This sparkly red and silver dress sequinned dress looks just perfect. What do you think?

Sequin Flapper Costume for the Great Gatsby Halloween Party

Silver Sequin Flapper Costume

2. “2 Broke Girls” Max or Caroline Costume

I think this is a very cool Halloween costume idea to dress up as “2 Broke Girls” Max and Caroline. Especially if you have a girlfriend with whom you plan to go to Halloween parties. I would also try and adopt the same attitude or learn some lines from the actual tv-series, to be in-tune with the characters. Sounds a really fun idea to me. This Halloween costume would be perfect for girls who don’t want to wear something too sexy and revealing or scary. But at the same time this outfit guarantees you everyone’s attention and so much fun.

Halloween costume ideas Max and Caroline from 2 Broke Girls waitress costume

2 Broke Girls Waitress Costume

3. Captivating Sailor Adult Women’s Costume

I really love the nautical theme. Well, naturally if I didn’t, I wouldn’t go to Monaco Yacht Show for five consecutive years, hehe. Anyway, this costume is both sexy and feminine – the brilliant combination, don’t you agree?

Halloween costume ideas sexy captain or sailor for women

Navy Sailor Costume

So, these are my three Halloween costumes I like the most this year. What do you think? And if I still can’t decide what to wear for Halloween, here are some costumes I picked a few years ago. Actually, a lot of them still could be very appropriate this Halloween, right girls?

1 – Sucker Punch Girl

My first idea of a Halloween look is Sucker Punch Girl. To be honest I didn’t quite like the movie itself, the girls were super sexy there. So, maybe it is a good idea to wear something similar.

2 – California Girl

The other idea of the look is to dress like Katy Perry in her video for “California Girls” song. I think this costume is really cool and colorful plus I love the wig.

3 – Sexy Pirate Girl

The other idea is to wear something pirate theme related. Out of a lot of different pirate costumes, I picked this one, because although it is not too revealing as the other options, it is still very sexy and feminine and looks expensive. Love this costume!

4 – Red Riding Hood Girl

Red ridding hood look is a classic and it is mostly for comfort and playing it safe. In this costume any girl will look cute plus you can always hide a snack or a bottle in your little basket, just in case :)

5 – Spanish Girl

I am not really sure about this costume, as here in Spain everyone looks like this on a daily basis (just kidding). I am also afraid that no one actually will understand who I am trying to represent, because it looks more like a street girl with a fan than a Spanish lady really.

6 – Parisian Show Girl

I loved these Halloween costume ideas because of cute little hats.

7 – School Girl

I know that wearing a costume of a school girl is a cliche, but I really miss my school days lately, so maybe it is not such a bad idea to be a school girl again, if only just for one night.

8 – Goddess

Goddess, simply Goddess :)

Usually, when I look for Halloween costumes almost all of them are super sexy, too revealing and tiny. But what if you are not the kind of person, who will be comfortable in sexy nurse outfit in public? What if you are not sure if your body is perfect enough to be revealed so dramatically? Well, there are of course other choices. Here I have selected just three out of many, that I loved

So, rich girls, what do you think about my Halloween costume ideas? Have you decided on what to wear for this Halloween already?

Have an amazing Halloween party this year, girls!!


Rich Girl

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