Fedora hats were a huge deal during the latest Chanel Cruise 2017 fashion show in Havana, Cuba. Nearly every model was wearing some kind of hair accessory: head scarf, beret or fedora hat. When was the last time you saw summer hats on the runway? I honestly don’t remember. Especially fedora hats or straw hats?! I remember my father bought one, when he was visiting me here in Marbella. And now if I think about it, I am not sure was it a fedora or panama hat? :)

No matter what is our attitude towards hats, if Karl Lagerfeld thinks it is a good idea, then we should jump on the trend as soon as possible. Not only will we look stylish during our next summer vacation, but we will also protect our skin, hair and head in the heat. It is so easy to forget to keep your head cool during Champagne spray parties or long days on a yacht, especially in Marbella or on a French Riviera. But when you have a gorgeous straw hat, you never want to take it off. Trust me, I know.

Chanel Cruise 2017 Fashion show finale in Cuba

Chanel Cruise 2017 in Cuba; Vogue.com

I have selected a few different fedoras as well as other summer hats for you to get the inspiration.

Stylish Fedora And Other Summer Hats

Classic fedora straw hat for women by hat attack

Buy Here: Classic Straw Fedora Hat $125

Raffia summer hat by hat attack

Buy Here: Raffia Hat $158

Virginie straw hat by Maison Michel

Buy Here: Virginie Straw Hat $1096

wide brim hat by lanvin

Buy Here: Wide Brim Hat $590

Striped straw beret by gucci

Buy Here: Striped Straw Beret $340

Wide brim sun hat by Missoni Mare

Buy Here: Wide Brim Sun Hat $590


Buy Here: Raffia Summer Hat $150

Rabbit-fur felt hat for women by Maison Michel

Buy Here: Rabbit-fur Felt Hat $669

I also like wool/felt hats for summer, last year two bloggers were wearing felt hats on or Ocean Independence tour in Monaco and they looked absolutely amazing. That’s why I have selected a few wool fedoras as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment, girls.

Floppy Brim Wool Fedora hat for women by rag & bone

Buy Here: Floppy Brim Wool Fedora Hat $225

Fedora hat with wide brim by rag & bone

Buy Here: Wide Brim Fedora Hat $195

What do you think, girls? Is there any summer hat that you liked the most? Do you usually wear hats during summer or winter? Please share your opinion in the comment section below. I would love to hear your feedback?



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Selection of cool fedora hats for women summer 2016