Last Updated February 2020

Off shoulder dresses is the hottest silhouette, don’t you agree? And as summer is also a wedding and prom season, I decided to select dresses which would be both stylish and elegant. It was a fun, but not an easy task, as there are so much interesting dresses available, but most of them are way too casual. For example, there are a lot of off shoulder floral summer dresses, made of flirty cotton and ruffles. I think it is fun and amazing, but you can’t wear it to a wedding, graduation or prom night. Such summer dresses would be appropriate for a date, BBQ or casual birthday party. However, I wanted to select elegant and classy gowns to show you how sexy they look. And maybe you will choose some of the similar styles for your future outing.

Anyway, I believe that any of the following dresses, that you will see in this post, would be a great choice for a cocktail party, wedding reception or graduation. I can’t wait for you to check them out and let me know what do you think.

12 Elegant Evening Off Shoulder Dresses

Elegant evening off shoulder dresses

Buy Here: Black Halo Padma Dress

Buy Here: Costarellos Off Shoulder Sheath Dress

Buy Here: Cushnie Off Shoulder Single Sleeve Mini Dress

Buy Here: Retrofete Jean Dress

Buy Here: Marchesa Notte Off Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Buy Here: LIKELY Packard Dress

Buy Here: Giambattista Valli One Shoulder Mini Dress

Buy Here: Marchesa Notte Off the Shoulder Printed Chiffon and Charmeuse Gown

Buy Here: Hellessy Berenice Dress

Buy Here: Hellessy Louise Gown

Buy Here: Marchesa Notte Off the Shoulder Velvet Embroidered Gown

Buy Here: Marchesa Notte Off Shoulder 3D Floral Stripe Tulle Tea Length Gown

What do you think about these elegant dresses, girls? Is there any gown that you liked the most? Which one you would choose to go to a next formal event? Do you even like this kind of silhouette? Would you be confident to wear such gown? Please share your opinion in the comment section below. I would love to hear your opinion!



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