Eva Longoria is coming to Marbella once again! I guess she likes it here, as it is her second time this year already. Before she was in Marbella three years in a row and I was writing about Eva’s previous visits here.

Eva Longoria will be the main figure in the upcoming philanthropic weekend. On the 18th of August she will be an active participant in the Dynamic Walk-a-Thon and on Sunday the 19th of August, Eva will be hosting the glamorous Global Gift Gala. Both these magnificent events will be held in Marbella and the mission is to raise as much money as possible for the Eva Longoria Foundation and the Cesare Scariolo Foundation, both dedicated to helping children who are suffering from cancer.

So, what exactly is the Dynamic Walk-a-Thon? It is a charity sports event, where people walk to raise funds for non-profit foundations. The walk of 9 km will take place across Marbella, from the city center and the seafront. The start and finish is at the Dynamic Gym, there will be activities for children, games, raffles, giveaways and musical performances, special guests and celebrities.

The walk will begin at 9 am on 18th of August, so those of you who want to participate have until the August of 18th at 8:30pm to sign up. Signing up costs 25€ which includes the limited edition Dynamic WAT adidas T-shirt. For two people the price is 40€ with a pair of adidas hats and shirts.

For further information about this event please read here: www.dynamicwalkathon.com

I have never participated in charity walks or marathons before, so I am really excited! Also, I really hope to have a chance to see Eva Longoria up close and maybe even have a chat with her or take a picture together. Will keep you posted about my adventures :) Now the hardest part is to wake up at 7 am on Saturday morning! Guess no partying for me tonight.

What about you, rich girls, have you ever participated in philanthropic events? Please share your experience in the comments below.


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