Marbella Luxury Weekend was worth spending your time and money on! I had really amazing time during these 4 days of luxury, fashion, champagne and party. Such events make you feel special and glamorous as well as remind you of why you love this Spanish city so much. But let’s just review the Marbella Luxury Weekend in more detail.

First of all there were two really cool VIP areas specially constructed for the event. One was located on the East end of the Puerto Banus, right next to Lanvin store.

east vip area of marbella luxury weekend carpa de levante

The other one was located next to the Tower of the port.

tower vip area for marbella luxury weekend carpa de la torre

VIP areas were created like glamorous tents with lounge sofas and thick carpet, it was really cozy and looked chic. The major parties and private events were held in these areas, which you could only access by invitations or VIP passes.

vip pass to marbella luxury weekend from bulgari

I got mine from Bulgary store together with complimentary bottle of “Mon Jasmin Noir” perfume, which I loved! But I will tell you more about Bulgari, when I will be writing about the best parties of Marbella Luxury Weekend.

By courtesy of Marina Marbella, there were complimentary yacht service for the guests to go from one VIP area to another. Which was great, since it is approximately 15 minutes walk in high heels from on side of the port to another.

The event started on the 2nd of June with the official naming Marbella as a City of Luxury by the Spanish Association of Luxury, following by a grand celebration. All eyes were pointed to the stage, where internationally renowned violinist Jia Yi-Susanne was playing a 10 million dollars valued violin. During her performance ballerinas unveiled new breathtaking white McLaren MP4-12C sports car, which made the crowd cheer in delight.

Here is a video I found on Youtube with the Jia Yi-Susanne and launch of the McLaren MP4-12C during Marbella Luxury Weekend:

After the amazing performance and presentation, Marina Marbella – leader in boat sales and services for more than 40 years, showcased their three latest yachts in the water right next to the amazed guests.

marina marbella boat and yacht show puerto banus

In the second V.I.P. area located next to the Tower of the port, the luxury brand Emeshel hosted another opening night of Marbella Luxury Weekend, where they were launching sculptures, fragrance and jewellery and partied till the morning.

emeshel party puerto banus marbella luxury weekend

The opening of Marbella Luxury Weekend party was really spectacular. During the following four days, there were also other parties like the one by Salvatore Ferragamo, where guests could enjoy good company and watch the manufacturing of a hand made Ferragamo shoe by one of their artisans from Florence. As well as dinner-cocktail event by Belstaff with the launching of their jackets. But as long as I was not invited to any of these events, I am not able to tell you if they were worth going.

rich girl julia travchenko attends marbella luxury weekend VIP event

Apart from the grand private events in the VIP areas, there were a lot of parties organized by the selected brands in their own stores. It was amazing, imagine having a DJ in a luxury boutique with caterers rushing around with trays of hors d’œuvre and champagne. Well, it was cool and I will tell you about the best of them in my next post. Stay tuned, rich girls!

Oh, and here is just few pictures of me in my favorite polka-dot dress, hope you like it. :)

julia travchenko rich girl at the VIP party during marbella luxury weekend


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