Summer is firmly upon us and we can finally enjoy the long hours of sunshine and all the relaxation that this favorite season provides. It goes without saying that getting your summer wardrobe spot on is a must and our choice of accessories is almost or equally as important as the clothes.

Luxury jewelry might be the perfect solution for spicing up all your summer looks.

So, we have selected the best jewelry items, that are bright, light and breezy, which makes them number one choices for the summer. Here is our top 5 luxury jewelry picks for summer:

Gold Italian Filigree Drop Earrings:

exquisite golden earrings for summer

Spectacular 18ct gold luxury earrings with vibrant colour and design whilst retaining an effortless elegance and sophistication.

Gold & Enamel Flower Design Filigree Pendant:

flower design pendant

The floral design and superb intricacy of this beautiful luxury pendant makes it the perfect choice for almost any of your summer looks and any occasion.

Gold Milky Aquamarine & White Agate Ring:

gold and aquamarine and agate ring

This breath taking ring which boasts a hand-carved milky aquamarine agate, just screams summer and will perfectly complement light and airy clothing.

Gold Amethyst, Citrine & Multi-Gem Necklace:

gold amethyst, citrine and multi-gem necklace

An array of summery coloured gems, this incredibly stylish luxury necklace will bring any summer outfit to life with a splash of colour and sophistication. Crafted using a variety of gems including stunning rose amethyst and misty quartz.

Gold Vermeil Fancy Link Bracelet:

Gold Vermeil Fancy Link Bracelet

Eye-catching and exceptionally beautiful, this gold link bracelet will not only light up your summer wardrobe, but will also remain stylish throughout the year.

So, there you have it – if you’re after some fine jewellery to match your summer wardrobe, hopefully something above fits the bill. Summer is a great season to experiment with your accessories and jewellery and it’s all about finding the right look just for you.

Author Bio: James is a fashion and style blogger who loves keeping up to date with the latest celebrity trends.

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