It’s impossible to read a magazine, paper, or browse online without hear mention of a celebrity these days. It’s exasperating and tedious – most of the time. The rest of the time some of us secretly wonder how the other half live, what they do, where they holiday, and wish away our lives thinking how wonderful it would be if one day we were in their financial position. Until then we’ll have to make do with the usual bargain basement breaks and be happy with our lot. Still, there’s no harm in looking.

1 – Monaco

monaco monte carlo principality hercules port

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One of the most luxurious and pricey destinations on earth is the small tax haven of Monaco, lodged somewhat happily between France and Italy. The Principality is famous amongst Europe’s elite for its casinos and extravagant nightlife, as well as its shops, Grand Prix and yachts, for which you’ll need bags loads of cash to keep up in the capital of Monte Carlo. The hotels are out of this world – celebrities particularly enjoy the Hotel Metropole, where one of the best suites can set you back a whopping $4,000 a night! There’s good news for us lowly members of the public, though – there are plenty of reasonably priced hotels on either side of the Principality especially in Nice, France, so you could stay in France and play in Monte Carlo. Now that’s living it large.

2 – Dubai

dubai jumaira beach hotel view from the sky

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Equally famous for its luxury lifestyle is Dubai in the UAE. A long-time favourite amongst the top crust from all over the world, this city has emerged from the desert as a playground and shopping paradise. Despite it’s location in the Middle East, Dubai offers a laid back lifestyle with some of the best bars and clubs on the planet. And don’t worry about the soaring heat of the day – there are miles and miles of air conditioned malls in which to seek refuge and part with your cash. The accommodation is out of this world – most famous is the recently completed Royal Palm where you can expect to pay up to $1,000 a night – and the city boasts a top range of restaurants and entertainment facilities to keep the credit card busy.

3 – St Barts

st barts gustavia harbor

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Some celebs – Mariah Carey being one – prefer a more gentile resort, where they can try to relax with a degree of privacy. Despite their money and entourage, it’s the simple white sands and beautiful scenery that attract the rich and famous to this Caribbean island. Known for its fabulous cuisine and local delicacies coupled with European influences, it’s the place to be seen in the Caribbean. One of the best places to stay has to be Eden Rock – listed in the top 100 hotels worldwide. Boasting a selection of beaches and suites with a price range of $700 up to $4,300 a night, it’s sure to impress.

4 – Cape Town

cape town views luxury destination

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Africa’s most popular tourist destination attracts its fair share of famous people, including Prince Harry and Tiger Woods. It’s a perfect location for those looking for a spot of European glamour in Africa. Celebs enjoy the swanky restaurants along the Victoria and Albert Waterfront, which boasts an array of fantastic seafood restaurants and shops. The posh Camps Bay area, where a private villa can cost you up to $1,900 a night, is the ideal hangout for a party. Those who prefer to stay in a hotel can head to the One & Only, where UK celeb Cheryl Cole spent a recent holiday. Situated on the waterfront, this hotel boasts a range of rooms and suites. The One Penthouse suite is a true gem, with stunning views over Table Mountain and a choice of two pools, four bedrooms and private lift.

5 – Capri, Italy

capri harbour from above

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The island of Capri has long been known for its high-end hotels and is favoured amongst Europe’s elite for its fabulous views, food and weather. The resort of Anacapri is probably the most prestigious and attracts celebrities such as Whitney Houston, as well as leading members of Europe’s royalty. With views over the sea towards the Bay of Naples, this resort oozes exclusivity. A favourite hotel in the area is the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa. The rooms and suites are all appointed with luxury materials, but celebs prefer the Penthouse Suite, with stunning views, marble floors and a pool, this suite of rooms can set you back almost $8,000 a night!

6 – Las Vegas

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For sheer hedonism some of the world’s most wealthy people choose to head to Las Vegas. The city is well known as a great place to spot celebs, given its great nightlife and flashy hotels. A number of America’s most famous people have been spotted in the glitzy city, and it also remains a great destination for Europe’s elite looking for some fun. Hang around at the Palms Casino Resort and you might catch a glimpse of someone important who’s been staying in the Fantasy Penthouse suite at the very top. And of course, they can fly in and out with no disturbance in their private helicopters. Nice for some, eh?

7 – London

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London remains a favourite haunt for millionaires and celebs, despite the notorious British weather. Known for its exclusive restaurants and hotels, the capital has it all. Bond Street and Mayfair are famous worldwide for their posh shops and designer boutiques, and hotels such as the Dorchester, Berkeley and the Ritz are world class. London boasts great nightlife as well as fashion shows and of course hosts various film premiers in Leicester Square. Booking a suite at the Berkeley in exclusive Knightsbridge will set you back a few bob – the wonderful Conservatory Suite with its own rooftop terrace has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, three reception rooms and conservatory!

8 – St Tropez

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An old favourite amongst the rich and famous in Europe is St Tropez. Not far from Monaco and a stones throw away from film premiere destination Cannes, St Tropez is known for attracting a glamorous crowd. Trademark sights include the billionaire’s yachts moored at the marina and the young and beautiful lounging on the beaches. Walk the boutique-lined streets and be careful not to scratch the paintwork on some of the most expensive cars on Earth. Jay Z and Beyonce have stayed here in the wonderful Byblos hotel which has been luring celebs since the late ‘60s. A deluxe suite at Byblos is only $2,100 a night in the low season. Bargain.

9 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, laid back style and relaxing spa hotels, Cabo is a favourite Mexican destination amongst the world’s high flyers. A favourite destination of George Clooney and assorted Friends stars, the resort offers a luxury haven away from a hectic lifestyle. The beaches, shopping malls, exclusive hotels and restaurants attract crowds of celebrities every year. Aside from the chic One & Only Resort, celebs favour the luxury beachfront resort of Esperanza. With beautiful suites and a wonderful infinity pool, Esperanza has it all. Celebrities often prefer the privacy of Esperanza’s private villas offer: a two bed, two bath villa is a cool $1,500 a night.

10 – Lake Como, Italy

lake como italy

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Finally, another of George Clooney’s favourite places. Stunning Lake Como is the perfect place to stay year round, and is favoured also by Madonna and Versace, among others. The stunning scenery, romantic walks and close proximity to the ski resorts in the Alps make this a number one winter destination. A favourite sport for those who don’t own their own holiday home is the luxurious Villa D’Este hotel. Perched on the lake with stunning views, this hotel has a range of romantic rooms and suites. Stay in the Cardinal Suite with fantastic Italian style terrace and enjoy the views and great food delivered to your door. Prices for suites begin at $2,100 a night. A night with George: priceless.

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