When it comes time to get ready for a night on the town with that special guy (dinner, dancing – you know the drill), a gala event of the black-tie variety, or a trip down the red carpet, you need to make sure that you’re looking your best, dressed to impress, and done up like the doll you are. But while the right shoes, dress, and undergarments (hello, Spanx!) can go a long way towards helping you look the part, even the most flattering ensemble can fall flat if you flub the view above the shoulders. In order for rich girls to turn some heads you’re going to need the perfect hair, makeup, and smile to dazzle any would-be suitors (or paparazzi). Here are just a few tips to get you on track for a killer appearance.

1. Super smile. Ladies, this is where the magic starts. Nobody will take a second look when you’ve got a snaggle-tooth, fuzzy gums, and coffee stains galore. You need a gorgeous smile if you’re going to entice Mr. Right onto the dance-floor or glam up the society page. Probably your teeth aren’t as bad as all that, but every six months or so you’re going to need a little touch up. So get yourself some whitening strips or head to the dentist for laser whitening a few days before the big event. Then charm the pants off anyone close enough to check your chiclets!

2. Prepping your skin. If you’ve got some acne issues (as many of us do), see your dermatologist for a daily regimen and hit up the spa for a facial a few days out. Facials can leave you red and splotchy for a couple days, so you’ve got to plan this carefully, but by day five you should have a smooth, glowing surface on which to apply your makeup. Start with a wash, a scrub, and a mud mask on the day of the event to slough off dead skin and tighten pores. Then apply a light, non-greasy moisturizer to get your skin dewy and ready to receive makeup.

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3. Rack focus. No, this does not mean people should be focusing on your fabulous rack! Eyes up! It simply indicates that you need to make a decision when you begin applying makeup; do you want the focus on your eyes or your lips? These two prominent and alluring features need not be at war as long as you pick one or the other for maximum seductive power. If you have full, plump lips, you may be tempted to play up your pout with a hot shade of lipstick. But take a page from Angelina Jolie and tone it down with the liner. You don’t want to look freakish, so keep the lips nude with a slick of gloss and opt instead for a sexy, smoky eye. Have some fun with a night look by using opposite colors to make those flashing orbs pop (purples for brown-eyed girls, earthy browns for blue eyes, and pink or maroon for the girls with green eyes).

4. Cut, color, coiffure. To up-do or not is a big decision, so try to choose by event. Going to a gala? Go for the sophisticated up-do. For a night at the club, keep your locks loose and flowing. If you want to look your best, go for a trim and touch up those roots at least a week beforehand (maybe even two) so that your hair will look natural, not treated, the night you go out.

5. Finishing touches. You already look amazing, but you can still add a bit of bling to finish off your look. Diamond studs are always a nice touch (and great for the club since they won’t be hitting you in the face like those giant hoops you wore last time), while some glitzy drops add class to strapless evening gown (leave the neckline spare and bare). Skip the hair jewelry, which will only make you look like you’re attending a prom and opt for a shine spray instead to leave your tresses tantalisingly sleek.

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