Women’s lingerie is not considered simply a clothing of practical necessity anymore as it has become a lot more designer and luxurious in nature than ever before. The underwear industry has come a far way in its long journey and has reached a mark where it is used to compliment the outerwear. Some of the designer and luxury lingerie are specially created with exquisite lace and satin to be seen peeping out of the dress to add glamour to it.

Women’s undergarments have seen a lot of changes in terms of uses and functionality. For example corsets and chemises were traditionally worn to shape up and support the torso of the wearer but now they have become more of a luxury garment as they are no longer designed to support or shape the body but to make it sensual and desirable. Now there are designer corsets which although look like traditional corsets, are different in functionality and purpose. They are often soft fine laced and are custom fitted for every customer.

luxurious bridal lingerie

Likewise the chemise was worn in the earlier times under a woman’s corset with a purpose to absorb perspiration in order to keep the corsets and dresses clean. But now chemises are more delicate and provocative in style and more sophisticated. Modern underwear called baby dolls are very similar to chemises. Both are basically short and loose fitting sleeveless lingerie.

Financial independence of the new generation of women is now boosting the designer and luxury lingerie industry than ever before. Women prefer to indulge themselves in fancy underwear and as a result the demand for luxury lingerie items have risen within the years.

luxurious purple lingerie

If you want to buy sophisticated and luxurious lingerie for yourself there are a lot of great brand names to choose from such as Carine Gilson, Guia La Bruna, LaPerla, Agent Provocateur. These brands have some of the most desirable, sensual and beautiful items such as baby dolls, bodysuits with garters and other accessories to spice up your everyday dressing. You can choose from a wide range of bridal, sleepwear, activity wear and comfort collections to suit your needs and desires. LaPerla has a good range of all kinds of bras such as push-up, padded, under-wired and laced that you can choose from. They are not only comfortable but glamorous and elegant too.

luxurious luxurious expensive sensual lingerie

You can invest in luxurious lingerie brands without hesitation as they produe their items with richer raw materials that can endure wearing and washings over and over again and will hold up for a long time without fading or fraying.

However you may not get underwear sale offers too often from these brands, but believe me every dollar that you spend on the good quality underwear will be worth it. Because when you know that you are wearing expensive, sensual and amazing underwear it raises your self-esteem, you feel more desirable and sexy and men sense these kind of things. If you are wearing gorgeous lingerie, you will never have problem in attracting men.

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