I am not a gambling kind of person, I don’t believe in playing games to win money, mainly because I hate to lose! I just play for fun and socializing. And the game of bingo is one of my favorite games, which I enjoy playing since I was a little girl. I think my grandmother taught me to play this game, so that I learn how to recognize different numbers fast :) Anyhow, since then I hosted a couple of bingo games at my house during cold long winter nights in Latvia, when there is nothing else fun to do. I never played bingo online or went to a special establishment, where they host bingo events and where you actually can win or lose money. So, it was interesting to find out that some celebrities also enjoy playing bingo at home, online or at different clubs. Here is a guest post by Craig about some celebrities, that love playing bingo from time to time. Enjoy! Yours, Rich Girl.

How Does the Game go Again?

For the people who are unsure what bingo is, then, seriously where have you been? No, we are only messing. Bingo is a number game that is based mainly on chance. It began in Italy in the 1500s and gradually spread around Europe. The main idea of the bingo game is that every person in the game has tickets with random numbers on them, a person then uses a bingo machines to pick random numbers which they then call out, you then mark the numbers if you have them and the first person to successfully cover their card with the called numbers yells “BINGO” and he/she wins. You can play this game at home with your friends and family, you can go to a special hall or establishment that runs games of bingo or you can play it online. In any case it is a fun and exciting gambling game.

It is not stereotypical to say that the vast population of bingo players are women, because it is a fact. Men love to play poker, women love to play bingo. Simple as that! With the game of bingo being based mostly on socializing rather than the actually game it can be understood that a regular bingo night at home can go on quite some time, way longer than it would take if no talking was allowed. Sharing a few laughs and some drinks is part of the fun when hosting a game of bingo at home.

Celebrities are just the same as some regular Joes at heart, so why would they wouldn’t do “regular things” just like ourselves? Bingo being one of them. You may be surprised to see your favorite female actresses and celebrity judges enjoying a game of bingo, below are a few guilty celebrities who dabble in the game. I wonder how much their initial ticket prices are when hosting a bingo night?

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones hosts regular bingo parties at her home. Catherine’s father won £100,000 at bingo when she was just in her early teens; it looks like the excitement of the game passed from father to daughter. It is said that Catherine loves to host a bingo party at Christmas for her close friends and family. I wonder who she invites? She has also appeared as a guest bingo caller at charity bingo to raise money.

catherine zeta-jones likes to play bingo

Paris Hilton

It is not just Catherine Zeta-Jones who has appeared at charity bingo events, but also Courtney Cox, Daryl Hannah and Paris Hilton.

paris hilton loves to play bingo

Denise Van Outen

Denise Van Outen is so into bingo that she once tried to get a few of her radio co-stars to go to her local bingo club to have a few games with her. Imagine if you saw her at your local bingo club, I bet you would be so star struck that you would miss the called numbers. The famous television presenter has been spotted on a few occasions at her local Essex Bingo club.

denise van outen likes to play bingo

Gary Barlow

The X Factor Judge, Gary Barlow and his wife, Dawn decided to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary at London’s Mandarin Oriental hotel with a bingo night back in January 2010. Some females who made the bingo bash were: Kimberley Walsh, Cheryl Cole, Fearne Cotton, Denise Van Outon, Alesha Dixon and Lulu.

Katie Price

As you will beware, there are literally 100s of online bingo sites on the web and it is extremely hard to choose one, if you gonna decide to play this game online. Here is a fun fact not many people know: Katie Price used to be the celebrity face of the online bingo site, called Foxy Bingo. Katie once said that she loves to play online bingo.

So who knows, maybe next time when you will be playing bingo game online, there will be some kind of celebrity playing in the same bingo room as yourself. “Katie Price has just won £25.50” may one day pop-up on your screen, but we highly doubt that Katie’s bingo alias is her real name. Maybe Jordon224, perhaps?

katie price fox bingo face

Author’s Bio: The following article was a guest post by Craig Crossland who is the owner of the Love to Play Bingo, a bingo comparison site that does not just compare bingo sites but is the informational portal for confused bingo players.

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