Every woman wants to be just like the heroine in her favorite movies or television show. You know exactly the kind we are talking about. She is the one who wakes up in the morning looking fresh with no under eye dark circles in sight. The sunlight that seeps through the window only emphasizes the fact that her skin looks so smooth and dainty. Her glowing cheeks flushed from the good night’s rest. Her pouting lips look soft and ready for a kiss. Her flowing hair is tousled in such a way that she looks sexy.

In other words, she looks so perfect without any makeup. Perhaps you ask yourself, how come it does not happen to you? You ask yourself why your mornings make your eyes puffier and despite the sleep that you just had, it still looks like you spent the night turning and tossing. Perhaps it is time for you to consider an eye cream for dark circles.

There are a lot of products that cater to under eye dark circles. It is important that you find the one that works best with you. Remember to choose the one that will not cause any irritation to your skin, hypo allergenic, and gentle enough but intensely effective. I personally love Vanishée by Lora Vay.

Vanishée is an eye cream for dark circles that has been found by the AMA Laboratories to be 100 percent effective to all its test subjects. The same study shows that it can remove eye bags, puffiness, and even wrinkles in a span of four to eight weeks.

how to use eye treatment to your advantage

If you find that you are not ready for such product yet, then maybe you can resort to makeup for that fresh, “no makeup” look.

Step 1. Moisturize is key. Keeping your face hydrated keeps it supple and fresh. After allowing the moisturizer to be absorbed by the skin, apply a layer of primer. Primer allows foundation to be spread evenly without any glitch. Foundations make your skin appear smoother and silkier.

Step 2. Apply concealer especially on areas that needs it most. Problems such as under eye dark circles could easily be concealed and corrected on this step. Cover them up by using shades that stay close to your skin tone. Anything lighter or darker than your skin shade will emphasize the problem. Better yet, invest in an eye cream for dark circles so you will no longer have to worry about eye bags.

Step 3. Get your blush on. Flushed cheeks can be faked. Add the color on your cheekbones and witness how a bit of rosiness could change the whole demeanor of your face.

Step 4. Add some mascara. Make your eyes the center of attention by lining up your eyes with a liner and adding a few layers of mascara.

Step 5. Pretty in pink. Pink is always associated with youth. Keep it the youthful look by getting a pink lipstick shade that compliments your skin tone.

Step 6. Add a highlighter at the inner edges of your eyes. You can use light eyeliner or a real highlighter for this. It will give your face a dewy, youthful look.

Step 7. Go out in the world with full confidence and belief that you will turn heads today. And believe me, you will!

Hope these easy-to-follow tips will help you look radiant, youthful and happy, rich girls.

Author’s Bio: Prudence Sanchez

Prudence is a health, beauty, and fitness enthusiast. She works as a part-time makeup artist and joins fun runs on weekends. She is currently obsessing on the deals she gets from www.topbeautysecrets.org.

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