Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. We review our achievements, reminisce about good and bad things that have happened during the year and make plans for the new one. But most importantly we dream big and believe in miracles! It seems that everyone becomes a little bit kinder and happier in December. And as there are just a few days left till Christmas and New Year, I feel like it is the perfect time to share our holiday greetings, joy, dreams and wishes with each other :) That’s why I want to introduce you to 5 amazing bloggers, who were kind to share with us their dreams and wishes for the new 2014 year! Each of them is different and magnificent in their own way. Don’t forget to check out their blogs and Facebook pages, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Christmas wishes from fashion bloggers girls

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blogger Signe Savant
Signe Savant

I studied fashion as an undergrad, moved to NYC and ran out of money REALLY fast (though I was hired to manage a showroom/nanny for a former Project Runway designer) so I moved back home to Chicago where I went to grad school for special education. Towards the end of my degree program, I realized that I was missing fashion like crazy so, I started : the daily savant :. The blog has followed m through the end of grad school, my Soldier Boy’s deployment, and my move from Chicago to Germany!

Luxe Wishlist Item: I moved to Germany from Chicago about 5 months ago and had to leave most of my things behind in the states. Since my stuff is on two different continents, I am hoping either for a new sewing machine or for my sewing machine to be shipped from the states so I can keep designing and making clothes!

My dream for 2014 is to be happy. Really and truly happy. I am also hoping that Soldier Boy doesn’t have to deploy again since I just moved halfway across the world to be with him! We love to travel, so I also wish that we can continue seeing Europe and maybe even take on Asia! I have quite a few big wishes for this year!

Holiday Greeting : The holidays are as wonderful of a time as you make them! Cherish the chances to be with the people you love and be merry… and drink martinis… and whatever else makes your heart smile!

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blogger Anka Bettencourt from

Anka Bettencourt

My blog is an extension of my personality and as artists express themselves through their work, my blog is my way to express myself. I live in South Florida, so I am not planning to wear coats any time soon, but I do look forward to winter to wear sweaters and boots. I work as Executive Assistant in a casino, but fashion and clothes are very much part of my life. I have the fashion blog along with the Facebook fan page, and also work on my clothing line due for release in spring and a line of t-shirts with one of my best friends. I’m definitely keeping myself busy.

Luxe Wishlist Item:  limited edition leather pieced Free People dress!

My dream for 2014 is for my line of t-shirts to be a success so we can be able to give a part to charity, both, my friend and I, we like to help.

Holiday Greeting: Wish you all that the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year. Xoxo

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blogger Jennifer Novello

Jennifer Novello

Nothing 2 Wear is a blog for those of you who are accessory hoarders and shoe collectors. I found that I usually spent all of my money on shoes and accessories…leaving me with NOTHING to wear. Check out my blog to see exactly what I mean.

Luxe Wishlist Item: Speaking of shopping, this Christmas my wish list is topped with some of the finest designer items. I’d say one of the most indulgent and luxurious items on my list would have to be these Jimmy Choo holographic leather pumps.

My dream for 2014 is to land a new job in my dream career. In fact that is why Nothing 2 Wear came about. I have always had a passion for writing and journalism and my blog allowed me to combine that with my biggest vice, shopping!

Holiday Greeting: My holiday wish for every one of my readers, and every one of Julia’s readers is that you find that “thing” that makes you truly happy in 2014. Be it a new career, a new pet, a new romance, or just some time alone to find yourself.

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blogger Vanness Vinos luxuria jewellery

Vannessa Vinos

I am an ex-Criminal Psychologist who swapped “bad boys” for sparkles. I opened my online jewelry boutique whilst living in Spain (where I was impressed by how women were not afraid to accessorize boldly). I now live part-time in London (my home town) and Seville, Spain.

Luxe Wishlist Item: I actually had one of these Bulgari white gold rings before. However, I took it off in a public hotel bathroom to wash my hands and then became completely enamored with the hand lotion that was there, that I walked out of the bathroom without my ring! I didn’t even realize until later that evening when I returned home :( So I am not sure if “Santa” will be happy to buy me another ;)

My dream for 2014 is to continue bringing a little “color, design and preciousness” to a woman’s day via our boutique and through our profits continue to support entrepreneurs in Third World and developing countries via KIVA.

Holiday Greeting: Lose yourself in the moment of the holidays, whether it be in the hustle and bustle of a big family Christmas or in the tranquility of enjoying your own company; just be present. Don’t worry about the next thing on your your list, the next shiny object or the next place you have to be. NOW is all we have, so enjoy it for what it is and make 2014 the year you take this forward into your daily lives and enjoy the moments that will really count ;-)

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Katee Kubincová fashion inspirations blogger

Katee Kubincová

I´m Katee from Fashion Inspirations, I´m university student and also admin of Fashion page where I share great ideas and photos of my life, inspired by Paris and luxury, with my fans. I love shopping, fashion, animals and art. And mainly my fans :)

Luxe Wishlist Item:  This is easy – new heels by Christian Louboutin Daffodile Kid 160 mm, Bianca Botta Calf 140mm and Lady Daf Kid 160 mm :)

My dream for 2014 is first of all to make my family and friends happy! I want to visit New York in the winter and visit my family in Paris as well, because this city is like my heart – big and romantic :) I also hope that I will be healthy as it´s the most important thing in the world. I want to participate in at least 3 charities and help people in need. And as every good blogger I wish I have always only great fans on my page and very best relationships with other bloggers.

Holiday Greeting: Dear readers, I wish you the most beautiful Holiday and the very best luck in 2014, full of love and peace and eternity with your family and true friends. Travel a lot, because it´s important to know another culture (and it´s a great chance for shopping :p). Be kind and honest to other people. Be YOURSELF! Make your dreams real. Love you!

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So, these are the most sincere and kind Holiday Greetings from 5 amazing bloggers. If you also want to share your warm wishes with us, please leave your comments below or send me an email. Let this wonderful time of the year be even more marvelous!

Merry Christmas!