As soon as September is coming to an end, I start to think about Halloween costumes. The same goes to the Christmas presents shopping by the way, because the best things you can only get if you start early. While people still enjoy their last days of sunshine and warmth, I am going through numerous costume ideas online. This year I decided to look for the most sophisticated (if there is anything sophisticated in Halloween costumes) and luxurious looks I could find. Honestly, I am tired of slutty costumes, so here is my list of the most beautiful and more or less modest Halloween costume ideas for women.

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1. Dark Angel Costume

This is my favourite luxury costume idea for Halloween. The obvious advantage of this costume is that nobody will be able to come close to you, because of your wings. Perfection :)

Dark angel Halloween luxury costume idea for women

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Monaco Yacht Show 2015 is only a few days away and it is time to make a list of the most magnificent and interesting yachts that will be on display during the show. It is a rare opportunity to view the most innovative and luxurious yachts at one place at one time. So, if you are still thinking whether you should go to Monaco Yacht Show or not, do not hesitate and go! This is a must-go event for the ultra-luxurious things. It will be a shame to miss it. Besides yachts, the atmosphere at the show is simply amazing and I personally never want to miss a chance to spend a few days in my beloved Monaco. Win-win!

But in case yachts is your passion, here is my list of 10 must-see yachts at the show. If I would be able to check out at least few of them, I would be very happy. In the end of the day, this is the main reason I am going to the Monaco Yacht Show with such consistency, I just love viewing new luxury yachts and boats. One day I will live permanently on one, but until then information and research is the key in order to understand what kind of yacht I want.


First motor boat on my list is Antlante. Antlante is an outstanding yacht, first of all due to it’s brutal look. Built by CRN this 55m yacht will no doubt be the star of the show.

Atlante new luxury yacht on display at the Monaco yacht show 2015
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What could be better than a fun summer day spent on board of a yacht with friends? Celebrities love yacht holidays, as it is a great opportunity to have their longed-for privacy and relaxation, second to none customised service where all their desires are catered for and, of course, amazing parties. And so should you :) If by any chance you haven’t chartered a yacht or a boat yet, you should definitely make it your must-have every summer from now on. Nothing beats spending one week on water in a great company!

If your friends invited you to spend a few summer days on a yacht, there are a few fashion rules you have to keep in mind. That’s why I have created this style guide to make it easier for you to pack for your next yacht cruise.

Secluded bay in the South of France
Secluded Bay
Photo credit: shutterstock/Filip Stoklas
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The dates of Monaco Yacht Show 2015: 23-26 September 2015

In the late September 2015 Monaco Yacht Show will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. For 25 years the Organisers of the MYS have managed to develop one of the superyacht community’s favourite market hubs where all industry experts meet. And it is not surprising at all that every year 85% of the exhibitors renew their spaces in Monaco. This is a place to be for superyacht builders, brokerage houses, yacht designers, nautical suppliers, refit shipyards, luxury manufacturers, service providers, business decision makers and high net worth clients. As the show is visited by nearly 33 000 participants each year, you understand why it is a must to be seen at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Monaco Yacht Show 2015 official luxury flyer with dates of the exhibition
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Time flies extremely fast and now summer is already in full swing. This year it is super hot here in Marbella, so at one point I needed to update my shopping list. Who shops in the middle of the season, you might ask? Well, me! First of all, only in the middle of the heat I remembered that a cute straw hat would be a great idea. Then I started to hate all of my swimming suits, so I desperately need to have an update. There is an endless list of cool summer parties and concerts in Marbella, so no matter how hard I shop there is miraculously nothing to wear phenomena going on in my closet. So, even though online shopping websites have already been updating their stocks with Fall fashion items, I still fill my shopping carts with summer clothes. Take a look below at my current obsessions:

1 of 15

STYLESTALKER Piano Flare Dress ($209.00)

Blue cocktail dress for a summer night out parties

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Ever dreamed of going with your friends on a luxury yacht charter on the French Riviera? Here is a great example of a one week’s plan, brought to you by Aprylle Stuart on behalf of Worth Avenue Yachts.

A yacht port in Monaco
Monaco Port
Photo credit: shutterstock/ostill

This summer, come to where luxury yachting was born, the French Riviera. This is where European royalty first anchored their yachts off Cap Ferrat at the turn of the 19th century and where the celebrities, artists and well-heeled soon followed. The Cote d’Azur with its sophisticated beach clubs, Michelin star restaurants, medieval towns and crystal clear coves is simply the quintessential yacht charter destination.

Imagine cruising along the glittering Mediterranean for a week or more on your very own superyacht. Let your imagination carry you away with this tantalising seven-day French Riviera yacht charter itinerary, exploring the glamorous coast from Monaco to Saint-Tropez.

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Marbella attracts a lot of tourists every year and they all want to have the best experience possible. There is no doubt, that your impression with the city starts with the hotel you are staying. That’s why I have decided to collect the best luxury hotels in Marbella to make it easier for people to make a good choice, but also to help them fall in love with Marbella. So, here is my list of Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels In Marbella Spain by the local:

Best luxury five star hotels in Marbella Spain according to the local
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Congratulations to The Row brand for winning the biggest prize of Council of the Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) – The Best Womenswear Designer of the Year! The fact that Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler and Altuzarra had also been nominated for the same title, makes this award even more significant.

Previously I only notice The Row sunglasses from time to time and never even looked in the direction of clothes, now I have decided to see what this brand has so special that it gets already their second award.

To my delight I was pleasantly surprised with The Row clothing. I found their simplistic shapes and sumptuous fabrics very appealing. I will definitely take a closer look to their future collections and at the moment here is the selection of things that I absolutely loved.

Favourite dresses, sunglasses and handbags from the row brand

1 – Ottane leather dress; 2 – Nahel linen belted midi dress; 3 – Leather and suede cross-body bag; 4 – Aviator Sunglasses
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I just caught myself thinking that I completely don’t care which movie wins the Palme d’Or of Cannes Film Festival. There are so many celebrities, so many parties and therefore amazing dresses on the red carpet, that movies is just an afterthought. Although, don’t get me wrong, I love movies, but somehow Cannes Film Festival is not as exciting award-wize as Oscars for me.

Completely other story is fashion! During almost two weeks of the festival you can see various A-list celebrities in evening gowns, party dresses and relaxed day looks. A lot of inspiration and eye-candy! And as always I have selected my most favourite celebrity looks from the Cannes 2015 Film Festival:

Karlie Kloss in Louis Vuitton at Youth Premiere
Karlie Kloss wearing Louis Vuitton dress in Cannes 2015 red carpet for premiere of Youth
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I have been browsing through a lot of various real estate offerings in the finest destinations all over the world lately and this particular house (although it is not on sale right now) caught my eye. Why? First of all because of the mixed emotions it evoked in me. It looks amazing, stylish and one of the kind, but would I really like to live in such house? I think no. I would feel on a display all the time, living in a glass cube. Especially now, when the drones can literally follow your every move, I would be in constant fear of my private life becoming sick entertainment on Youtube or worse.

I definitely love the location – California, precisely, Montecito, Santa Barbara! Absolutely my number one place in the whole world, followed by Miami, Florida. Now, when I think abut it more, I guess I could live even in the glass house in California.

The most minimalist house ever built in California
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