A few weeks ago, my friends started a new amazing project I want to tell you about today. This is especially useful and exciting, since now is the time for Christmas presents. If you are still looking for the exclusive and unique gift for your special friend, guess I have the perfect solution for you! What about customized laptop bag or iPad sleeve made of high quality jeans?! I think that it is a great gift idea!

13in Laptop Jeans Bag

The new company, that produce unique laptop bags and iPad sleeves made of jeans and other expensive materials is called Sovereign Culture. And the reason why I am so excited about their products is because I think that jeans is a perfect material for laptop bags: it is stylish, it can easily be matched almost with any kind of clothing, it will last a lifetime and won’t lose it’s shape and look, but most importantly it is cruelty free, unlike all leather goods.

iPad Mini Jeans Sleeve

The other cool thing about jeans bags and iPad sleeves by Sovereign Culture is that they can be personalized with almost any image you want. There are some basic requirements regarding the picture that you can submit, but as long as your image complies with the guidelines, it is applied to the bag with a laser. SO you can be 100% sure that it won’t lose it’s luster after you wear and wash your bag numerous times. The image will gradually fade out along with the jeans color, so it will always look harmonious.

iPad sleeve - Einstein

In my life I had so many laptops and I never had a great bag which I would be proud of! Now I think I have found something that I really fancy.

iPad strap sleeve

Of course there are a lot different options for iPad, for example, I love some really great covers by various famous designers, but I am still sold on the jeans idea. First of all because it’s really cool, unique and stylish, secondly, it is not leather, so no animals will ever get hurt, and lastly, it is customized, so if I choose my own image to be applied to the bag or sleeve, there is absolutely no chance that someone else will have the same bag!! Which I love!

13in Bag - Heart

Also, girls, I think you will agree, that guys are extremely hard to shop for presents. And everyone knows how much they care about their gadgets. iPad sleeve or laptop bag would be a perfect gift, especially if you can apply his favorite image on top of it. I think that every guy will be delighted by such present.

13in Bag - KC&FU

By the way, Sovereign Culture now has an ongoing competition where you have a chance to win this amazing bag. All you have to do is to send them the coolest image you can find! More details here.

So, rich girls, what do you think about laptop and iPad jeans bags by Sovereign Culture? Are you as excited as I am?!

Rich Girl

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