I have been browsing through a lot of various real estate offerings in the finest destinations all over the world lately and this particular house (although it is not on sale right now) caught my eye. Why? First of all because of the mixed emotions it evoked in me. It looks amazing, stylish and one of the kind, but would I really like to live in such house? I think no. I would feel on a display all the time, living in a glass cube. Especially now, when the drones can literally follow your every move, I would be in constant fear of my private life becoming sick entertainment on Youtube or worse.

I definitely love the location – California, precisely, Montecito, Santa Barbara! Absolutely my number one place in the whole world, followed by Miami, Florida. Now, when I think abut it more, I guess I could live even in the glass house in California.

The most minimalist house ever built in California

Glass Pavilion house in Montecito, Santa Barbara

Amazing minimalist dream glass house in California

Check out this website for much more amazing photos and description of the house. I am still in awe.

What do you think, rich girls? Do you like this minimalist house? Would you like to live there? I would love to hear your opinion in the comments below.


Rich Girl

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