It is already November, but here in Marbella it still feels like summer – sunny and warm! The only difference from real summer here is that you can actually enjoy walking outside during daytime, instead of hiding in the air-conditioned places till dawn like a vampire and there are fewer tourists hanging around, which is fine by me.
As I already told you in my previous posts here on Rich Girl’s Blog, my laptop died in the end of September just one night before my trip to Monaco and as it is always hard for me to make a decision, it took me more than a month to actually get a new laptop. Now, I am a happy owner of the newest and coolest Acer model TimelineX, yeah!

Acer Aspire Timelinex 2010 modelAcer Aspire Timelinex 14

I am loving it!! It is so thin, light and stylish, and battery holds more than 6 hours ;) so, thanks to this cool feature I now write this post enjoying the sun and amazing views of Puerto Banus Marina and sipping my favorite Strawberry Daiquiri. And I finally will be able to post some pictures from my latest trips along with the stories.

Acer Aspire Timelinex

As to my social life here on the Coast, just this Wednesday I attended Twitter networking event here in Nueva Andalucia. It was attended by a lot of Twitter users who live here in Spain or who happened to be here at this time. They said that this event will happen once in a month, so I am looking forward to go there next time as well. I can’t miss amazing cupcakes! :)

Twitter meeting in Marbella by tweetmarbella

Also, I have finally found place to play in mix-ins tennis tournaments. Now every Saturday I play tennis for two hours with cool girls here on the Coast and after that enjoy drinks, tapas and live music with my rivals. After that I prefer to end Saturday night in my favorite venue in Puerto Banus – Seven! Yesterday, I was dancing there like this was the last night in my life!!! Amazing atmosphere and music.
One more cool thing that happened to me recently, I tried for the first time gelish manicure. It is awesome!! They told me that I can forget about my nails for 3 weeks now :) I will probably write about it a separate post, to prove you just how cool it is :)
Other than that, I am leading a quiet life in the greatest place in the world.

I hope you are having a great time and unforgettable Autumn! You know that you are always welcome to share your news with us, right?!


Rich Girl

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