Hey, Rich Girls! Remember I was telling you in one of my previous posts that Marbella is a holiday spot for rich and famous girls (and of course not only girls, there are a lot of well-off guys here as well :) ) and I was not lying!! Guess who has chosen Marbella as a holiday destination this August?! The First Lady of the of the United States of America herself!! Now you believe me that Marbella is a hot and glamorous holiday spot?! I told you! :)
Michelle Obama and her her 9-year-old daughter Sasha arrived in Malaga airport in Spain on Wednesday (4th of August 2010) for a brief holiday with family friends!! How cool is that?!

Michelle Obama and Sasha arrive in Malaga airport 4th August 2010

(Photo: AP)

Michelle Obama with friends will be staying in one of the premier luxury hotels in Marbella – the Hotel Villa Padierna.

Luxury Marbella Hotel Villa Padierna

Michelle Obama already visited the city center of Marbella and went for sightseeing in Granada. The White House says the first lady will also pay an official visit Sunday to King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at their summer home on Mallorca.

Michelle Obama on the streets of Marbella in August 2010 Spain

(Photo: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images)

So, I just wonder if Michelle Obama will come to Puerto Banus for a walk? Would be nice to see her there :)
I can’t believe my luck :) This is my first summer in Marbella and I have already witnessed Spain winning The World Cup celebration and now the visit of the First Lady! This summer Rocks!!
Update: During her visit to Spain, Michelle Obama also visited the amazing city of Ronda. You can find a lot of pictures of Michelle and Sasha Obama visit to Spain here.


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By the way, if you want to see more pictures of Michelle Obama visiting Spain visit http://www.cbsnews.com