The last couple of days I am in “get ready for Halloween party” mode. Just yesterday I was browsing through Youtube Halloween makeup ideas and tutorials and found some interesting stuff there. I don’t know how serious you are about Halloween, but in case you are serious, you should know that party makeup is as important as your Halloween costume! And makeup is also the most exciting part of the Halloween, because you can go absolutely crazy with it! You can transform yourself completely with the help of makeup and even your parents will have troubles recognizing you. Just for one night you can be anyone you want.

Well, excited as I am about total transformation, I am still not sure about wounds and blood on my face as well as zombi makeup. Least of all I want to scare people to death with my appearance. Let’s leave it to guys :)

So, I have collected and I want to share with you 7 Halloween makeup video tutorials, to inspire you to try something different, ignite your imagination and do something crazy! Also, I don’t know about you, rich girls, but I am terrible with makeup, I can’t even draw a straight black line on my eye! So, I am not even dreaming of doing something so creative and professionally looking myself. If you are a “dummy” like me, one of the options is to hire a professional makeup artist or to ask your more advanced friends or even your mother to help you out.

1 – Chinese Fashion Inspired Look by KlairedelysArt

Halloween makeup tips tutorial Chinese fashion inspired look with huge eyelashes

The reason I liked this look is because it is very feminine with huge fake eyelashes and lots of sparkle. Maybe it is not too much of a Halloween-ish look, but it will definitely look great to portrait some kind of fairytale character. Here is the makeup tutorial for this look:

2 – Gothic Lolita Doll Look by MichellePhan

Halloween creepy gothic lolita doll makeup tutorial

Now this makeup I love! It is definitely cool for Halloween! It is cute and creepy at the same time and I bet that nobody would ever recognize you with this makeup on. Worth to try this one! Here is the makeup tutorial:

3 – Lady Gaga Inspired Halloween Makeup by HowdiniGuru

Lady Gaga inspired Halloween makeup tutorial

This look is perfect for Halloween as well as for New Years celebration or any masquerade ball or event. I think this makeup makes the girl look sexy and mysterious. Here is the makeup tutorial:

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4 – Jessica Rabbit Look by MissJessicaHarlow

Jessica Rabbit Halloween makeup tutorial

This Jessica Rabbit makeup is the easiest one of all, I feel like even I can do this myself :) All I need to pull this look off is to find a red wig. Very sexy look!

5 – Spider Queen Black Widow Halloween Makeup by MissChievous

Halloween makeup tutorial for spider queen black widow look

This is definitely a perfect makeup for Halloween. I just hope that you are not afraid of the spiders on your face.

6 – Black Swan Makeup by MichellePhan

black swan Halloween makeup

I have found a lot of makeup tutorials of Black Swan look, but I liked this one the most. Love the eyes!

7 – Mystique from X-Men Makeup by dope2111

mystique x-men Halloween makeup look

And finally the most dramatic, but very exciting look. If you can actually appear at a party as Mystique, people will definitely remember you, if they will recognize you.

These are just a few Halloween makeup ideas and tutorials and I hope it inspired you to try something interesting for the party this year. Let me know what do you think about Halloween makeup. What was the craziest you have ever done for Halloween in terms of makeup so far?

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