Girls, remember on the 16th of January 2012 I was posting the list of dresses I would wear if I was going to be on the Golden Globe Awards 2012 red carpet? Well, those of you who missed my post with the selection of dresses and don’t know what I am talking about, please see it here before you continue reading this current post.

So, yes I have made a list of, to my mind, perfect red carpet choices and was curious to see if any celebrity would actually wear something from my list. It was more like a bet for me, not that I was actually believing that one of the actresses (or their stylists) would pick the same dresses. I also didn’t expect that celebrity girls would have the same taste in designer evening dresses as me. I did it just for fun.

Now imagine my surprise, shock and excitement when I was browsing through pictures from the SAG Awards Red Carpet 2012 and saw Jane Krakowski!! Jane Krakowski, the star of the “30Rock” tv-series, was wearing the dress I’ve picked! How cool and unbelievable is that?! Jane was wearing the black dress with the breathtaking beaded top by Antonio Berardi. The dress, which was my top 3 pick, after the gorgeous red dress by Zac Posen.

Here are the pictures of the Antonio Berardi dress:

Antonio Berardi evening gown black tie event long dress

Antonio Berardi

Antonio Berardi evening gown black tie event long dress

Antonio Berardi

And here is Jane Krakowski on the SAG Awards 2012 red carpet:

Jane Krakowski at SAG Awards 2012 red carpet in Antonio Berardi evening gown black dress

So, rich girls, what do you think? Was this dress a great choice for Jane Krakowski? I think it was definitely an amazing dress and she looked gorgeous in it. I am also happy to know that me and Jane (or her stylist) have the same taste in evening dresses. This inspires me to do more lists like this in the future!

Well, let’s wait and see if someone would actually wear the red dress by Zac Posen. I will be beyond myself with excitement! :) Which celebrity girl would look the best in this dress?

zac posen evening gown black tie event long dress

Zac Posen


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